Blind date: ‘First thing I noticed was that he was on crutches’

In which Cupid fixes up a guy with a basketball injury.

Charlotte Seaman and Cole Roberts.

Compiled by Melissa Schorr 

COLE ROBERTS: 26 / heath care consultant

First thing people notice in his home: Art and books on the wall


What makes him a catch: His contagious curiosity

CHARLOTTE SEAMAN: 21 / art history student

Her exes say: She’s passionate and adventurous

Her perfect Saturday: Eat a burrito, read a book, watch a movie with friends



Cole I had let the winter beard and curls go wild over the holidays, so I got a fresh trim.


Charlotte I had a drink at a bar across the street because I was early.

Cole I showed up early, just in case my crutching ability was subpar, and got a drink at the bar. She arrived right on time. I stood up and hobbled over. She was tall and had a naturally pretty smile.

Charlotte First thing I noticed was that he was on crutches because one of his ankles was hurt.

Cole I had badly sprained my ankle less than 48 hours before. We laughed about my basketball mishap.

Charlotte He was dressed nice and seemed polished.


Cole She was studying art history and I’m a member of the MFA and ICA. I could tell we were paired based on our mutual interest in art. We quickly flowed between our favorite artists. I love contemporary street art, pieces that are easily interpretable with social commentary that reaches large audiences. Charlotte was more interested in pieces with deeper meaning and layers.


Charlotte We talked about art, something we have in common. We talked about food, the traveling we’ve done, and movies and football since the Super Bowl and the Academy Awards were coming up.

Cole Charlotte had seen nearly every Oscar best movie nominee. Having only seen Get Out, I felt a bit like Fred Flintstone trying to catch up.

Charlotte I ordered the gnocchi with braised rabbit and would give it a 10 out of 10.

Cole Charlotte went with the rabbit gnocchi — a bold move I could appreciate. I went with the steak frites — hard to go wrong with a French classic.

Charlotte My biggest fear was that the conversation would be awkward but he was easy to talk to.


Cole When dinner finished we decided to grab another drink next door — I had time before meeting up with friends.

Charlotte I was having a nice time so I wanted to continue.

Cole We decided to part ways. She was headed to her dad’s house and I was off to grab drinks with friends and download on the date. We hugged and kissed goodnight.

Charlotte We both called Ubers and chatted while we waited for them.


Cole She’d be a great person to check out a gallery with.

Charlotte I don’t think we would. We’re in different places right now.


Cole / A-

Charlotte / A-

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