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    Letters to the editor of the Boston Globe Magazine

    Readers respond to stories on Boston’s middle class, a dad’s efforts to keep up with his athletic daughters, and more.

    Stuck in the Middle

    Tom Keane asks rhetorically if the decimation of middle class [families] is necessarily a bad thing for Boston (“Boston’s Fate: Playground for the Rich,” February 25). I think it is. Why would it be desirable for privileged kids to grow up without knowing middle class kids whose parents are social workers, librarians, teachers, firemen, and police? Only hobnob with the lowest income or the affluent? It makes for an obviously socially imbalanced experience for the kids — as well as the affluent or low income parents.


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    There’d be a lot more middle class housing available if it weren’t all filled with students. If Northeastern and Boston University had enough dorms for everyone they admitted, Allston and Mission Hill would look a lot more like Cambridge, Somerville, and Medford. Instead, the schools get to pay a voluntary pittance in property taxes while turning the neighborhoods into college playgrounds. And nobody wants to stay there after they’re done playing.


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    Running Behind

    I so enjoyed Stephen Burke’s Connections piece, “Making the Team” (February 25). Stephen is a great storyteller, deftly telling a family story full of witty one-liners and with his own sweet way of admitting to his shortcomings. But mostly I loved the evolution of his relationship with his daughters around their new joint interest: running. Having two daughters of our own, I got choked up by the touching ending when his daughter, having completed the race, ran back to check on him.

    Janet Zerlin Fagan Newton Highlands

    Camp Inclusivity


    The Summer Camp Guide (February 25) is quite helpful for most parents and a reminder that we need to schedule this early. I wish the list had been more inclusive and featured camps for children with special needs. The Federation for Children with Special Needs has information about many camps and perhaps a link to their camp directory — — could have been included.

    Maria DiMaio PollardMerrimac

    A Neighborly Welcome

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    My favorite Miss Conduct columnist, Robin Abrahams, must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed when she advised the “fixer-uppers” who recently moved in to build a fence with a sturdy lock to keep their neighbors out (Miss Conduct, February 11). Newcomers to a neighborhood reach out to everyone to learn names and phone numbers, and that takes more than “20 minutes.” After all, these people will be the ones to take in your mail, help with shoveling in a blizzard, and call the fire department if your busy contractor sets an accidental fire. They are not “ill-mannered,” perhaps merely curious and trying to build new friendships and a strong community.

    Beth Neville / Milton

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