Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I confessed that I don’t like Harry Potter’

Will differing opinions on the wizarding world divide these daters?

Lindsay Newton and Sam Levy.

SAM LEVY: 24 / PhD student

What makes him a catch: He sounds like Prince Harry

His interests: He once hunted poisonous caterpillars for the British government


LINDSAY NEWTON: 24 / med student

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When she is happiest: Camping, skiing, watching a sunset

Her ideal mate: A lumberjack who loves poetry



Sam I was in a meeting that overran so I didn’t have much time to prepare. I had 15 minutes to shower, change, and get out the door.

Lindsay I took a shower! Didn’t want his first impression of me to be clouded by a big whiff of anatomy lab.


Sam When I arrived, the table wasn’t ready, so I went to the bar. Unfortunately the only ID I had on me was my driver’s license and, as a Brit, the restaurant couldn’t serve me without a passport.

Lindsay The hostess pointed to a gentleman struggling to get a drink because he didn’t have an American license or a passport on him. Instead, we just went for mocktails.

Sam Lindsay was well dressed and super cute.

Lindsay I liked his glasses and his charming, impish smile.


Sam Lindsay is the first person I have ever met who is loving medical school, which blew my mind.


Lindsay He is a PhD candidate in environmental science, studying the impact of deforestation on native peoples in the Brazilian Amazon.

Sam We talked about the differences between life in England and in Boston, our interests, and Harry Potter. I confessed that I don’t like Harry Potter and she said that as long as I don’t hate it that’s fine, but that might have been a deal breaker for her.

Lindsay He’s a vegetarian and I don’t eat red meat, so we ordered veggie plates.

Sam Lindsay took the lead ordering, which was great.

Lindsay My roommate had insisted that we order the street corn, which was fabulous. We also got the Brussels sprouts, fantastic patatas bravas, and a beet salad.

Sam We both love reading and the outdoors. Otherwise, I think we are different people.

Lindsay As our conversation continued, it seemed that we weren’t particularly compatible.


Sam We both had to study in the morning and decided to call it a night. Lindsay lives close to the restaurant so I offered to walk her home. We hugged goodnight and I went off to catch the T.

Lindsay The churros came and went, so I knew it was time to head home.


Sam Lindsay is awesome, but I don’t think so.

Lindsay Probably not. I just don’t see a romantic future.


Sam / A

Lindsay / A

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