Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘We never ran out of things to discuss for two-plus hours’

Will these two marathoners team up or simply run out of steam?

Willie Boag and Kate Mignosa.

WILLIE BOAG: 24 / PhD student

His hobbies: Runs an afterschool program for elementary kids

What makes him a catch: Cares about social justice


KATE MIGNOSA: 21 / nursing student

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On a desert island, she’d bring: Running shoes, coffeemaker, postcards

Her exes say: She has boundless energy



Willie International friends suggested that I should sign up, since I live in Boston.

Kate I have been reading Cupid since I was 12. My grandmother cuts the date out and mails it to me in an envelope so we can review it. I signed up as soon as I turned 21.


Willie The first thing I noticed was Kate’s smile! She is cute.

Kate Willie was dressed sharply and stood up to introduce himself. He said, “Kate! I’ve heard so much about you!” A perfect statement since the only information he had was my first name.


Willie She is becoming a nurse, so she is basically a superhero. We are both runners. I was impressed she is running the Boston Marathon. I recommended she take a running tour while she is in Norway this summer.

Kate Willie has lots of diverse interests. He talked about his PhD work at MIT, and his love for intense Facebook debates with friends.

Willie I had the chicken parm. Our server was fantastic. After I mentioned I was lactose intolerant, she checked back twice to make sure I would be OK if the crumbs had cheese.


Kate We ordered the eggplant rollatini. I ordered salmon. Willie does not drink and I am not drinking while training.

Willie We never ran out of things to discuss for two-plus hours, a very good sign. She was familiar with one of my favorite books, The Checklist Manifesto, about improving care in hospitals.

Kate It was intriguing to talk about the work he has done studying the intersection of technology and nursing — my future profession.


Willie I’m not sure there was an intense chemistry.

Kate We found each other great, but live very different lives. They may not have been compatible. Willie heads to work around 10 after staying up until at 2 or 3 a.m. doing research, I am up at 6 for nursing clinical rotation.

Willie She made it seem like it was a one-time dinner. I was a little bummed, but I followed her lead. We had leftovers we gave to some hungry folks on Hanover Street.

Kate We hugged goodbye.


Willie We didn’t exchange info. If I do run into her again, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.

Kate Perhaps we will run by each other on the Charles someday.


Willie / B

Kate / A

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