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    Dinner with Cupid

    Blind date: ‘He tried to convince me the newest Star Wars movie was bad’

    Will a disagreement about a hallowed movie franchise throw them off course?

    Nicholas Auriemma and Divya Satishchandra.

    DIVYA SATISHCHANDRA: 23 / program coordinator

    Her interests: Ultimate Frisbee, art, medicine

    When she is happiest: Eating Easy Mac at midnight with her brother


    NICHOLAS AURIEMMA: 23 / paralegal

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    His perfect Saturday: Taking a private jet to Indonesia

    When he is happiest: Surfing with his brothers



    Divya I’ve been reading Cupid since middle school, and always said [I’d] apply.

    Nicholas My co-workers read the column religiously. Before I knew it, they were submitting an application for me.


    Divya My friends came over and helped me choose what to wear. I was really nervous.

    Nicholas I watched basketball, pumped iron, called my mom, and was ready to rock.

    Divya He was cute — nice hair and facial hair — in between clean-cut and rugged. He had kind eyes.

    Nicholas I thought she was cute.


    Divya We both went to undergrad in Boston and are hoping to go to graduate school soon. He seemed very driven, but in a low-key way. He likes “board sports” (surfing, snowboarding) and hockey. I played growing up, but was pretty average because I’m not very competitive. I couldn’t tell if that mattered.


    Nicholas I’m into sports and [it] didn’t seem to be something she was interested in.

    Divya We had calamari and flatbread and three different pizzas. It was very tasty, but overwhelming, especially when they brought out all the food at the same time.

    Nicholas It couldn’t fit on our table so we had to relocate, which was annoying.

    Divya I shared my interest in art, dance, and music. We have some differences, but that’s to be expected. He came across as very kind.

    Nicholas We didn’t seem to agree on much. We had a whole discussion about the newest Star Wars movie, which she liked and I thought was absolute space junk!

    Divya He tried to convince me the newest one was bad. He made convincing arguments.

    Nicholas As the night went on, we seemed to have less in common. She was a really sweet girl, but I don’t think that connection was there.


    Divya The evening organically ended when we couldn’t pretend to eat anymore.

    Nicholas We exchanged numbers.

    Divya Going through this whole ordeal warrants a hug.

    Nicholas A handshake was too formal, but a kiss just didn’t feel right.


    Divya I don’t know. If I had to guess, I’d say probably not.

    Nicholas I had a nice time, but there was no spark there.


    Divya / A-ish

    Nicholas/ B+

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