Letters to the editor of the Boston Globe Magazine

Readers share their thoughts on an essay about marrying against family wishes and the etiquette of posting political yard signs.

Seas the Moment

I enjoyed reading Laya Martinez’s essay (Connections, April 15). I, too, married outside my religion and racial background. My husband didn’t convert to Catholicism, because I also think “only God matters” and we didn’t want to go through “play-acting” conversion. Thirty-five years and three grown children later, I’d say I made the right choice, amid the warnings from my family. Wishing her smooth sailing with her husband.

Thu-Hang Tran Milton

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Sporting Signs

Miss Conduct missed the simplest and least fraught answer to an acquaintance’s request to put a sign supporting her husband’s political campaign in the writer’s yard (Miss Conduct, April 22). There are not “only two reasons not to support a candidate you know.” A third is, “Oh, I’m sorry, we like to keep our political views private, and don’t put up yard signs.” This has worked just fine for me. There’s no need to get into a disagreement over views — and I’m not sure why Miss Conduct would encourage the writer to go there.

Lori Dougherty Brighton

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