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    Dinner With Cupid

    Blind date: ‘Chemistry often isn’t instant (unless the other party has toned arms)’

    Will an after-dinner walk lead to something?

    Barry Epstein and Brian Conley.

    BARRY EPSTEIN: 30 / copywriter

    What makes him a catch: He’s funny, kind, loyal, and oh-so-ready for a



    Favorite comedian: Kathy Griffin circa 2003-2008

    BRIAN CONLEY: 27 / administrative manager

    Who plays him in the movie: Ron Weasley

    Notable quality: His New Year’s resolution is to make a new friend every day




    Barry I attempted to sew a button back onto my brand-new Zara shirt.

    Brian I showered, shaved, did an ab workout. I do abs every day.

    Barry I arrived early. (A rarity.) Went to the bathroom. I like to see if a restaurant’s prettiness extends to the restroom. It did.

    Brian I took the booth side of the table and left him the chair.

    Barry The hostess walked me straight (pun intended) to him. Cute. Just the right amount of granola vibes. [We discussed] that this column needs more LGBT couples.

    Brian He was in maroon head to toe.



    Barry We both had eerily similar career trajectories, starting in finance/accounting and veering into more creative industries. We talked about family, television (my love for Real Housewives is deep), and the pool in his building (when do I move in?).

    Brian His favorite hobby is watching TV. He has a nut allergy. And he told me he has a really hairy back.

    Barry He convinced me to try the quail egg. I’ll never forget the aftertaste.

    Brian We shared a couple cicchetti. I didn’t want to order any grain dish; he did.

    Barry I’m a neurotic Jew with a nut allergy, so as long as the person isn’t a psycho stalker, I’m good.

    Brian I can get along with anyone. Within five minutes, he asked how much I pay in rent. That pretty much ended it for me. Also, he didn’t know the Celtics made it to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Psshhh. Deal breaker.


    Barry I suggested a walk. We admired the South End’s brownstones (i.e., indulged our inner yuppies).

    Brian I didn’t want to be a jerk, and led us on three quick lefts that got us back to the restaurant. I didn’t want give the wrong signal.

    Barry No instant chemistry, but chemistry often isn’t instant (unless the other party has toned arms. Then it’s instant). I went home to a pint from Ben & Jerry’s, the two true loves of my life.

    Brian He wasn’t David Geffen enough for me.

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    Barry Probably not.

    Brian No.


    Barry / B+

    Brian / Barry can have an A. He is a gentleman and his parents should be proud.

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