PEDRO ROQUE: 27/ Coast Guard operations specialist

His perfect date: A spontaneous adventure

Notable qualities: He has traveled to the North Pole

CASSANDRA KOUFOS: 25 / development associate

What makes her a catch? She likes to travel spontaneously

First thing people notice in her home: Art she’s collected from places she’s been



Pedro My best friend from college suggested I submit an application. While on my water taxi ride from East Boston to the Seaport, she called me for our scheduled pep talk.

Cassandra A friend signed me up.

Pedro I miscalculated time so I was early. I kept trying to guess who Cassandra might be but I was always wrong.


Cassandra I may or may not have thrown back a shot of tequila to calm my nerves. I was late. I beelined it to the hostess stand.

Pedro Breathtaking! ’Nuff said.

Cassandra He was well dressed and seemed calm.


Pedro Cassandra is driven, passionate, and really kindhearted. She is of Mexican and Greek descent. We have sought careers that have humanitarian work at their core. We love dancing, and are both white belts in jiu-jitsu.

Cassandra We talked about work and what we enjoy doing in our spare time. He was very easy to talk to.

Pedro I realized we matched really well when we began exchanging travel stories. Between her and I, we cover every continent.

Cassandra We both come from Latin backgrounds and love giving back to charitable causes.

Pedro We ordered margaritas, chips and salsa, and chicken fajitas to share. Since we have both been to Mexico we weren’t too impressed, but everything was good.

Cassandra We shared fajitas and churros. There are definitely better places in the city to get Mexican food.

Pedro I started piling the dishes for our waiter to help him out. She teased me for being “one of those” and I told her it was a habit from when I worked in the food industry. There was a long silence after that and we locked eyes and smiled.


Cassandra It helped that we had a lot in common.


Pedro We had a walk along the harbor after dinner. I reached out and touched her arm to ask about her tattoo.

Cassandra We walked around and just talked.

Pedro It began raining. She called an Uber and I waited with her. I didn’t realize the water taxis had stopped running so I walked to the Blue Line in the rain. I didn’t mind one bit.

Cassandra We hugged goodnight.


Pedro Her exact words were “I will text you!” I’m hopeful.

Cassandra We’re already planning our second date.


Pedro / A+

Cassandra / A

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