Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘We joked that we only have going out in common’

He insists on using coasters; she’s the messy type. Can they coexist?

Keith Culkin and Teresa Calabro.

KEITH CULKIN: 27 / financial analyst

First thing people notice in his home: It’s clean, organized, and smells nice

What makes him a catch: He’s the life of the party


TERESA CALABRO: 26 / footwear merchandiser

First thing people notice in her home: The amount of shoes

Her perfect match: An entrepreneur who combines business with

something creative



Keith I was 30 minutes early, so I waited in a nearby hotel lobby because being that early is weird.


Teresa My baggage had been lost the previous day in Europe, so I went shopping and dug through my closet for an outfit.

Keith Teresa was exactly on time.

Teresa Surprising for me — my friends know I’m always late. He said he likes to arrive early, which could cause a problem.

Keith She was extremely pretty.

Teresa He was well dressed, more preppy than I usually go for. Tall, which was nice.



Keith I discovered that she worked for [a shoe manufacturer] and travels for work. We talked about countries we had visited (and she blew me out of the water). We talked about a trip she had just gotten back from, and how the airline lost her luggage.

Teresa He was very witty. I was jetlagged so some of the jokes took me a little longer to get.

Keith We ordered a bunch of things: salmon ceviche, arepas in three flavors, beef nachos, and some kind of shrimp dish.

Teresa The food was great.

Keith We forgot what we had put as interests that we could have been matched on. We both like drinking.

Teresa We joked that we only had going out in common. We’re both half Irish and went to college in Boston.

Keith I felt more comfortable as we spent longer together. It was a combination of drinks plus her starting to swear. She apologized, but I also tend to use colorful language, so it was good to hear. We (quietly) made fun of people that passed by. I guess we’re both mean people.

Teresa He had a great personality and kept me laughing.

Keith She admitted she was really messy and mentioned this guy she used to date who would “put a coaster under [her] drinks.” I told her I totally would do that and actually have a stack of them on my coffee table.

Teresa He is very neat and I’m more of the creative/messy type.


Keith After, we headed to a nearby bar, upon my suggestion.

Teresa I was happy to continue the date; I had no plans and was having a good time.

Keith I walked her to the garage, then gave her a hug. We exchanged numbers.

Teresa There wasn’t the chemistry there for a kiss.

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Keith I just don’t think the chemistry was there, despite the good time we had.

Teresa I don’t think so, and don’t think he was interested, either.


Keith / B+

Teresa / A-

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