Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Readers share their thoughts on “corrupted youth,” ice cream, and parenting.

Getting Schooled

I was a little perplexed by Miss Conduct’s answer to [the question about] children selling candy for a school fund-raiser (June 17) . As a child in parochial school, my brothers and I were responsible for selling [very overpriced] wrapping paper. I agree that the practice is abhorrent and puts undue pressure on children. It was completely wrong and unethical for them to buy and resell.

Maria P. Jordan / Lawrence

Natural Nurture

Geoff Kronik should take heart! We have close friends who are childless (Connections, June 24), yet they marvelously assimilate the concept of parenting when around young ones. I suspect Kronik is capable of the same.


Brad Ricketson / Abington

Brain Freeze

Before J.P. Licks and Toscanini’s was Steve’s Ice Cream in Somerville (Versus, June 17). He introduced Boston to premium ice cream back in the ’70s. Ice cream lovers owe a lot to Steve Herrell.

Linda Varone / Arlington

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