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Blind date: ‘We had a lot of nerdy things in common’

Will this charming salesman help her get over her ex?

Paul Tallon and Lizzy Desmond.
Paul Tallon and Lizzy Desmond.

PAUL TALLON: 28 / sales

His exes say: He’s generous and loyal

What makes him a catch: He’s amiable and open-minded

LIZZY DESMOND: 27 / engineering project coordinator

What makes her a catch: She’s genuine, loyal, and loves to laugh

Who plays her in the movie: Leslie Mann



Lizzy Dating in 2018 has been absolutely whack. I got out of a serious relationship and thought, I have never been on a blind date before, cross this off the list.

Paul I had drinks with friends before the date to get ready.

Lizzy I worked out with a girlfriend and went back to the office to get more work done. I was nervous but pumped for the Italian food.


Paul We arrived at the exact same time, which was funny.

Lizzy We both laughed because it was kinda awkward. He was definitely your typical Boston gentleman, born and raised here.

Paul She looked great. She’s definitely my type, and I’m always happy when I get to be the taller one.


Lizzy He is in sales, wants to be a teacher. My mother is a teacher, so this was near and dear to my heart.

Paul She lives one of the coolest lives! She talked about studying abroad in South Africa, knowing the Farrelly brothers (which is wild!), and seeing Dave Chappelle do stand-up in his prime. Anyone who likes stand-up comedy or knows who John Mulaney is always earns points with me.

Lizzy Food was incredible and our server was amazing.

Paul We had arancini and mussels for starters, and ravioli. I would rate the restaurant a 10/10.

Lizzy We had a lot of nerdy things in common.

Paul We both love The Princess Bride!

Lizzy He did use the term “I can dig it” quite often.


Paul She seemed authentic and passionate, which I liked. It sounded like she recently got out of a long-term relationship, and I wasn’t sure where she was with dating.


Lizzy We both finished our meals/drinks. It was a smooth exit.

Paul I feel like we ended it at the right moment. We said goodbye with a hug. It felt like the right move.


Lizzy He asked me and I am not opposed to it.

Paul I would go on another date.


Lizzy / B

Paul/ A-

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