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MEGHAN LANG: 23 / law student and paralegal

When she is happiest: Helping others, and crossing items off her bucket list

Last thing she read: A series of articles on failed transitional justice mechanisms

JEREMY RUBEL: 24 / management consultant

When he is happiest: Debating something unimportant with friends at a bar

His perfect mate: She’d be a Supreme Court justice



Meghan I was 15 minutes late due to parking issues. I called the restaurant and asked them to tell him.

Jeremy Meghan projected an air of cool confidence. I was annoyed she was 20 minutes late and didn’t have a good excuse. In all honestly, the date never really recovered.


Meghan He seemed attractive but looked very young.


Meghan We have extremely different interests. I tried to treat it like a game to find out why we got matched but we couldn’t find a reason.

Jeremy We both like to travel. She has backpacked solo around Europe and Africa and visited Portugal nearly a dozen times. I am impressed by how worldly she is.

Meghan He thinks people who like to talk about traveling are boring; I love hearing about what people have learned while being abroad.

Jeremy We had a great discussion about “how one ought to travel” to meaningfully learn about other cultures. We agreed that one should talk to strangers and walk as much as possible.

Meghan He ordered before I had even looked at the menu, so I randomly said “gnocchi,” knowing that any Italian restaurant would have it.

Jeremy We ordered a bottle of white wine and pasta. We became increasingly comfortable as the date went on.

Meghan I felt more uncomfortable as the date went on. I’m not used to spending time with someone who doesn’t have traditional manners.


Jeremy Meghan commented a couple times that she feels uniquely mature for her age. In contrast, I probably believe that I’m relatively immature for my age.

Meghan I realized it wasn’t going to work out within the first five minutes when he told me he had spent the night before at a “party” throwing eggs off the roof of a building.


Meghan I looked down to sign the bill and when I looked up he was gone.

Jeremy After we paid, we got up from the table and had a quick goodbye hug.


Meghan No. Back to dating apps I go.

Jeremy I don’t think we will.


Meghan / F

Jeremy/ B-

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