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Blind date: ‘He’s a med student at the same university as me’

Will her research on sexual selection be useful on a blind date?

Charles Surette and Jessica Hlay.
Charles Surette and Jessica Hlay.

JESSICA HLAY: 22 / anthropology student

What makes her a catch: Huge science nerd, well traveled, always down for an adventure

Her interests: Working toward a PhD in anthropology studying sexual selection

CHARLES SURETTE: 24 / medical student

His interests: Theater, travel, politics

When he is happiest: Sipping a cold beverage on a Caribbean island.



Jessica It seemed like a good way to meet people, as I’m new to the city.

Charles I’ve been intrigued by this column for a while. I played some feel-good pump-up tunes to get myself in the right mind-set.

Jessica I was pretty calm. Once I was almost at the restaurant, I was just curious. I got there a little early, so Charles met me at our table. He was really cute and well dressed.


Charles Jessica was very pretty; she had very kind eyes. She seemed totally at ease, which helped calm my nerves a lot.


Jessica He’s a med student at the same university as me.

Charles Jessica is new to the area to begin pursuing her doctorate in anthropology. Jessica has thus far led a far more interesting life than I have and has also traveled extensively. I was really impressed by her intelligence and her wide variety of interests.

Jessica I got tacos and a margarita. The food was really good, so was the service.

Charles We split chips and salsa to start; I ordered chicken enchiladas. I would definitely return.

Jessica I enjoyed our conversation. We shared many of the same views.

Charles As much as I try to avoid it on dates, I found that our politics are pretty similar. Being in medical school, I liked that her interests within anthropology overlapped with biology and medicine, which gave us plenty to talk about.


Jessica We left after paying. He waited with me for my Uber and we chatted a bit.


Charles Our date ended right where it should have. I offered to wait with her so she wouldn’t have to stand alone awkwardly on the sidewalk.

Jessica We added each other on Instagram, and I gave him my number. Overall, it felt like we would make good friends.

Charles We hugged it out. I thought that was appropriate.


Jessica He’s very intelligent and nice. While I didn’t feel too much chemistry, I’d be open to it.

Charles I would hang out again, but I don’t think in the form of a date. She seemed like a very cool person, but I didn’t feel anything beyond that.


Jessica / A-

Charles / B+

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