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    Miss Conduct

    Can I ding my Lyft driver for listening to political talk radio?

    I know it’s their car, but it made my ride a bad experience.

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    My Lyft driver was blasting some Make America Great Again nonsense on the radio. Is this a reason to give a bad review?

    A.F. / Pasadena, California

    Yes. Drivers shouldn’t subject passengers to loud, contentious talk radio any more than they should blare music or hang strongly scented air fresheners from their rearview mirrors. It’s just common sense.

    If a problem is a problem only for you (the driver is playing Adele, and you just can’t with Adele right now) or something your driver/server/massage therapist/whatever can’t be expected to know about, then tell them, and base your review on how well they handled your feedback. Obvious obnoxiousness, though? Leave that bad review.

    Miss Conduct is Robin Abrahams, a writer with a PhD in psychology.