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What’s your favorite Dinner With Cupid blind date?

Are you a romantic who’s hoping for a love match? Or do you prefer the train wrecks? We want to know.

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We romantics are always hoping for a love match in Dinner With Cupid. But sometimes the dates that fail are even more relatable.

Who can’t relate to having jitters before a first date? And who hasn’t had a date go bad? (Really, who?) Perhaps that’s why so many Boston Globe Magazine readers flock to Cupid each week. Some of you even have running discussions with friends on Facebook, and choose teams in support of one of the daters. When our brave singles hit it off, you cheer. (Romance still exists.)

But then there are the awkward misses. Conversation never quite gets off the ground, a faux pas is committed, misunderstandings occur. (Been there, done that.)


Through an entirely unscientific poll of the Globe staff, we picked five of our favorite Cupid-dates-gone-sideways from the past year. You can review them below and then vote for the one that seemed the most memorable flop (see the poll at bottom). And feel free to write-in your favorite if it’s missing.

1. “He told me he lived in a van” — He says he’s the nicest guy you’ve ever met who lives in a van, but could his match accept his mobile home?

2. “He ordered before I had even looked at the menu” — Was this date be doomed from the start?

3. “Chemistry often isn’t instant (unless the other party has toned arms)” — Did an after-dinner walk lead anywhere?

4. “I had to . . . pretend to be interested in craft beer” — Did her disdain for his craft beer hobby make this date fall flat?

5. “Social norms dictate guys pay, I am aware of that” — Their dinner together began with compliments. It didn’t end that way.


Go on a blind date. We’ll pick up the tab. Fill out an application at bostonglobe.com/cupid. Follow us on Twitter @dinnerwithcupid.