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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘She struck me as . . . much more logical than emotional’

He’s a Gemini, she’s a Virgo. Are they hopelessly incompatible?

Matthew Williams and Ashley Slay.

MATTHEW WILLIAMS: 36 / fiscal and administrative specialist

His perfect Saturday night: Karaoke and dancing

When he is happiest: Singing

ASHLEY SLAY: 29 / program administrator

Her perfect Saturday night: At a bar or dancing

Her ideal mate: Probably a musician



Matthew I got just the standard haircut, so I wasn’t totally scruffy. I really wanted a “come as you are” experience. I sat down and was looking at my phone when my date walked up.

Ashley I actually saw him sitting outside, but was too embarrassed to approach him, in case I was wrong. He gave off a friendly energy.


Matthew Attractive — in shape and well-dressed, more so than I was. Her hair was very short, it was a good look for her.

Ashley He seemed a little underdressed for a first date.


Matthew My first thought was to look for something to connect about to put us at ease.

Ashley He dived right in asking me questions to crack the code [about why we were matched]. Turns out we have a mutual friend. Small world! We also share similar values in our commitment to social justice.

Matthew She struck me as introverted. And much more logical than emotional.

Ashley One of the most interesting conversations we had was around love. I have a practical viewpoint and believe love is a choice. He described love as more of a feeling. We struggled to understand where the other was coming from. It might be because I’m a Virgo and he’s a Gemini.

Matthew I’m a very emotive and emotional person (I know, sappy but true), and she struck me as quite the opposite.

Ashley We got garlic shrimp, and I ordered the flank steak. We shared, which made me happy because I get food FOMO.


Matthew I felt like there was a bit of a wall up. I didn’t feel like I got a real, genuine laugh until almost the end of the date.

Ashley In the beginning, I was a little resistant. I generally don’t like conversations that involve a lot of personal discussion. There were points it felt like a therapy session. I did feel comfortable as the night went on. He’s charismatic and has good energy.


Matthew All things I’m into — music, dance, acting, romance — it seemed like we didn’t connect on any of it. I did have an increasing feeling that nothing would come of the date. I was ready to depart by the end.

Ashley He let me take the lead on a second drink or dessert, trying to read my interest. We wrapped up fairly quickly after the check came. He walked me to my rideshare and we hugged.


Matthew No. We definitely express emotions differently.

Ashley I think our differing viewpoints on love would make it hard.


Matthew / B

Ashley / B

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