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Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘You can cover a lot of ground in a five-hour date’

Could this possibly be Cupid’s best matchup ever?

Tamara Omazic and Michael Hensler.
Tamara Omazic and Michael Hensler.

TAMARA OMAZIC: 26 / development manager

When she is happiest: When she’s had an impact on someone’s security, safety or well-being

Notable qualities: Refugee from former Yugoslavia, pursuing her master’s in refugee protection and forced migration

MICHAEL HENSLER: 31 / banking regulator

When he is happiest: Helping others and making them happy

What makes him a catch: Volunteers weekly to aid elderly, foster children



Tamara We were both early. To me, punctuality is a sign that you respect someone’s time, so I appreciated that.

Michael She is chronically early, an excellent quality to have.

Tamara He was very handsome! He had a broad smile and confident body language. Definitely my type.


Michael First impressions physically were very positive. I’m a sucker for blondes. Her cascading tendrils looked great. Her smile was welcoming and I could tell she worked out.


Tamara He is extremely personable, so conversation flowed easily. We both live in Brookline. We talked about our favorite neighborhood joints.

Michael Tamara is intelligent, altruistic, and has a passion for what she does with a nonprofit that works with immigrants navigating the US legal process.

Tamara You can cover a lot of ground in a five-hour date.

Michael We honestly covered more topics than I think I ever have on a date: reading preference, political leanings, future plans. . . . We visited the same place in Costa Rica only months apart. Nutrition and fitness were important to both of us. Tamara is diligent about what she eats. She’s a loose pescetarian.

Tamara Picking out the food was a team effort that made me think really positively of him. We shared the crab gratin, lamb tartare, fried cauliflower, gazpacho, gnocchi, and duck.

Michael I found out Tamara would break her diet for duck, so it was serendipitous that it was on the menu. The food was delicious (the duck our favorite).


Tamara We talked about recent travels, a huge passion of mine, and I was glad it was his, too. We also both ski, a hobby I want to share with a partner, so he got bonus points.

Michael As the date went on, I only became more enthralled.


Tamara I was shocked that it was almost midnight. For me, everyone else around us kind of disappeared. I knew he was someone I’d like to see again.

Michael If anything, I wish we had stayed out longer. We check off a lot of each other’s boxes.

Tamara Michael texted after he got home. I was glad — I’m not one for waiting games, especially when there’s chemistry.

Michael This is one of the best dates I’ve ever been on.


Tamara Absolutely! I’ve already talked him into the Gardner Museum, because he’s never been.

Michael Absolutely.


Tamara / A+

Michael / A+

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