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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘We said goodbye with three long hugs’

They’re baby boomers and former programmers. Can they find a framework for romance?

Cindy Bruder and Michael Bleiweiss.
Cindy Bruder and Michael Bleiweiss.

MICHAEL BLEIWEISS: 64 / retired engineer

His interests: Science, music, and political activism

When he is happiest: Writing letters to the newspaper or working on a worthwhile project

CINDY BRUDER: 59 / property manager

Her ideal mate: Honest, open-minded, nonjudgmental

What makes her a catch: Well read, good sense of humor, lover of life



Michael I got a haircut a few days beforehand and asked for fashion advice to look my best.

Cindy A recent change of relationship status prompted me to fill out the profile. I worked most of the day until it was time to get ready.


Michael I was a bit early and she was right on time. My date seemed calm and confident.

Cindy Perhaps I should have been nervous, but I wasn’t. I got there early, but sat in the car until a few minutes before.

Michael She was close to my height, and very energetic.

Cindy Michael was a little shorter than I, and had a kind smile.


Michael I discovered that we share a strong interest in liberal politics. Previously, she worked as a computer programmer (as did I). She is spiritual, but not religious (I am actively atheist).

Cindy We tried to figure out what the connections were: similar education, previous work experience, and similar political and social values. Michael’s a smart man, graduated from MIT. We both had a science/engineering/computer background, and worked previously in the computer industry. Neither of us has had children.

Michael I ordered the barbecue turkey tips, which I found to be excellent. She had the salmon. We each got mango cheesecake for dessert.

Cindy I ordered the ahi poke to start, which we shared. It was delicious.

Michael We share common interests in hiking, puns, and art. We also both like to talk a lot. The conversation flowed nonstop. We wound up talking for over three hours.


Cindy The conversation never lagged, nor were we lacking for anything to converse about. I could easily be friends with Michael, but perhaps not lovers. He didn’t show as much interest in my work or travel; although, I tend to be private about what I tell people about myself and may have deflected a bit.


Michael I didn’t have any desire to leave until after we paid and noticed how late it was. We said goodbye with three long hugs (which she is very good at).

Cindy We hugged when we stood up from the table, hugged, talked a minute, and hugged again (no kiss).


Michael We had good rapport and intend to go out again.

Cindy I’ll probably meet up with him another time and see how it goes.


Michael / B+

Cindy / B

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