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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘His type of genuineness feels rare’

Will she steal his heart with talk of an unsolved art heist?

Rachel Gordon and Terrence Hanscom.
Rachel Gordon and Terrence Hanscom.

RACHEL GORDON: 26 / science writer

What makes her a catch: She’s creative, spontaneous, and always down for an adventure

Her passions: Writing, acting, science, art

TERRENCE HANSCOM: 33 / PhD candidate

What makes him a catch: He’s a scientist and an artist, with a bit of a wild side (he has a skydiving license and a motorcycle)

His ideal mate: She would have dark hair and dark eyes and be highly educated, but also cool



Rachel I stumbled upon the column and was intrigued. Free dinner with a complete stranger, yes please.

Terrence I ordered a drink at the bar. She walked in a couple minutes after.


Rachel I try not to judge people based on something as insignificant as the face they were born with. Talk to me, then I can decide if your personality attracts me. Still, he had a nice smile and good energy.

Terrence She looked great. Tall, dark, very attractive, and I loved what she was wearing.


Rachel I broke the ice by talking about the wild art theft at the Gardner Museum — there’s no better way than by talking about stolen paintings. The conversation naturally progressed from there. He’s reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and articulated exactly how I felt when I read it.

Terrence The conversation was excellent right from the get-go. Rachel was very on point. We talked about favorite art and movies, what drives us, and I found out she’s in tech. It was cool to meet someone as engaged with art and science as I am, but in vastly different ways.

Rachel He’s a great listener, and intelligent. We didn’t run out of things to discuss. Science, art, dogs, books. His type of genuineness feels rare.

Terrence She was down to share food, which was awesome. We ordered calamari and steak.


Rachel The steak was really good and the waiter was super sweet.

Terrence I commented that I understood why we were put together because we’re both intense, cerebral people into philosophy, technology, and art. I feel like I might have been more astounded by how much we had in common than she was.

PODCAST: To find out more about the Gardner Museum art theft, listen to the Globe’s new podcast “Last Seen,” produced with WBUR.


Rachel On a work night, 9:15 is late. I’m sort of a grandma, amped to get into bed at 10, read, and go to sleep. Twenty-six or 62, you be the judge.

Terrence We talked outside, exchanged numbers, hugged, and left. Given more interactions like this one, I could really like this person.


Rachel I think so. He’s a lovely person.

Terrence I would. We have a ton in common. Nice pick.


Rachel / A

Terrence / A-

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