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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘My favorite thing was that he shares a disinterest in “Game of Thrones” ’

Does shared apathy over a popular TV show equal a love match?

Sam Quint and Brandon Gilson.
Sam Quint and Brandon Gilson.

SAM QUINT: 29 / program coordinator

What makes her a catch: She’s wicked independent, loyal, passionate, and fun

Her interests: Enjoys travel, and is happy staying in with Netflix or going out on the town

BRANDON GILSON: 28 / president of a concierge service

What makes him a catch: He’s a successful entrepreneur and a gentleman

His interests: Travel, motivational speaking, Netflix shows



Sam I had a workout to get the jitters out.

Brandon Two spritzes of Frederic Malle, 30 second Listerine gargle, closed seven business deals, and bumped The Weeknd’s “Starboy” on the ride in.


Sam I am chronically on time, so I was not offended that I was there first.

Brandon Just like Ashanti, B is “always on time.” Sammie was at a table of two, by herself.

Sam I knew it had to be him. His Jewish star necklace was also a dead giveaway. His style fit in well with the Italian fine dining scene — he was way more dressed up than I was.

Brandon [She seemed] calm.


Sam We covered a lot of ground. We both are from Boston and have family close by. We joked about our Jewish mothers. I thought it was cute that he took his older brother’s advice to [apply].

Brandon We are both family oriented, hold religion and traditions close to heart, and are motivated in our careers.

Sam Brandon let me decide what small plates to share — I chose a sourdough bread with a cucumber dill spread and arancini. I went with a pappardelle with braised lamb ragu.

Brandon No such thing as a bad joint in the North End. Not sure what Sammie got, but it looked good and I wish she offered a bite.

Sam He was easy to joke around with. At first I thought he was a lot younger than me. When I learned he was only a year younger, that made me more excited about him. My favorite thing was that he shares a disinterest in Game of Thrones. That’s a rare quality in a guy. And we’ve both met Larry David, one of my favorite celebrities and bald men.


Brandon I love good company, new people, and learning about past experiences. I had a great time with her.


Sam I got over my initial prejudgments based on his style choices (I think only girls should wear flashy necklaces) and could see he was a good-looking guy. He was a mensch and let me take home both our doggie bags.

Brandon I was Sammie’s “Jewber” and drove her back to her place. Isn’t that what any gentleman would do?

Sam There was no Lady and the Tramp moment. I am not into physical contact on first dates, so I was happy about that.

Brandon [We] exchanged digits, hugged goodbye.

Sam Our Jewish mothers would be proud of the way we conducted ourselves.

Brandon I went to my office and chugged Mountain Dews.


Sam I’d be down to hang out again.

Brandon I wasn’t picking up on much of a vibe between us.


Sam / B+

Brandon / B I would have gave Sammie a “+” if she offered a taste of her meal.

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