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Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘I have really terrible hearing, and he spoke quite softly’

Will this DJ make his date tune in?

Anthony Wu and Laura Chang.
Anthony Wu and Laura Chang.

ANTHONY WU: 27 / software engineer

His perfect Saturday: Starts and ends with a good book — with cocktails somewhere in between

Favorite comedian: The writers of Aqua Teen Hunger Force

LAURA CHANG: 25 / human factors specialist

Her perfect Saturday: Drinks with friends, or stay in and play Boggle

Who plays her in the movie: Awkwafina



Anthony It was a sleepless night, so I had an espresso to stave off the embarrassing possibility of yawning through dinner.

Laura I caffeinated and listened to a funk/R&B playlist. My friends helped talk me through my nerves.


Anthony Laura was seated before I was. She has quite pretty eyes and an attractive smile.

Laura He had just come from work. He was wearing a nice button-up and had a laptop bag on.


Anthony She does work in design for medical devices, something I thought was pretty neat. She was an intern at OXO, which is awesome, because who doesn’t like kitchen utensils?

Laura He grew up in LA, I grew up in Taipei. We found out we had quite a few mutual friends. We bonded over funny mom stories, our shared values, the differences between East Coast versus West Coast culture.

Anthony I [learned] about the town of Clinton (she worked in the area), starting with where it is: She talked about a good taqueria there, a museum dedicated to Russian icons, and microwavable sandwiches. It sounds fascinating and also sort of Lynchian.

Laura He was a radio DJ in college and played the Saturday 2-4 a.m. time slot. His friends from home would call in. I thought that was funny and that his friends probably cared about him a lot.

Anthony We ordered wine. I liked the little Pyrex beaker sidecars. We went overboard on food — fried mushrooms and croquettes, a salad, scallops for her, gnocchi for myself.


Laura I have really terrible hearing, and he spoke quite softly. I had to constantly ask him to repeat himself.

Anthony It felt like meeting and talking to someone sharp with interesting complementary perspectives on things. None of it felt like rote small talk.

Laura Initially, I had the impression he was a partier, but [as I understood more about him], I thought he was more of a bookworm.


Anthony We decided to do dessert nearby — her idea.

Laura He had heard of FoMu and was pretty gung-ho about trying vegan ice cream. We joked around a bit more. I saw his funny/dorky side, which I could better relate to.

Anthony We ended with a hug and exchanging numbers.

Laura He asked if I was free this weekend. I happened to have plans.


Anthony I’d love to get to know her more.

Laura Probably not. He reads a lot, I wish I did, but mostly watch TV. He makes homemade pasta, I eat it. Overall, we didn’t have much in common.


Anthony / A

Laura / B

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