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Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘She was tall and smelled like a Yankee Candle’

Will it be a swing and a miss for this Red Sox groundskeeper?

Jake Jacevicius and Alex Giglio.
Jake Jacevicius and Alex Giglio.

JAKE JACEVICIUS: 26 / Red Sox grounds crew

His interests: Basketball, biking, yoga

What makes him a catch: He’s funny, can cook, looks great in a tux

ALEX GIGLIO: 24 / event planner

Her interests: Boston sports fan, live music, foodie

When she is happiest: At the beach



Jake I left work, dropped my bag off, and changed my socks.

Alex I was nervous! I took a shot of tequila. I was late as I walked from work.

Jake I was early. I knew she was my date because she was very loud and I could hear her from across the room.


Alex They led me right to the table. He was sitting there drinking water.

Jake I thought she was pretty. She was tall and smelled like a Yankee candle. She was wearing a leather jacket and that seemed pretty chill.

Alex He stood up and was really tall.


Jake We started with the standard icebreakers, how was your day, what do you do for work, how many push-ups you can do.

Alex We talked about our backgrounds, where we were from, and our families.

Jake She, like all Italians, swears up and down that her dad makes the best meatballs and sauce in the world. She literally went on for a solid eight minutes about the merits of her family’s recipe. I thought it was a joke at first but decided that she was intensely serious so I tried not to make any quips about how my mom, in fact, makes the best meatballs and sauce in the world.

Alex He mentioned that he has a huge sweet tooth, and it bothered him that I do not like candy.

Jake I had a ginger ale, she had tequila sodas, we split some chips and dip. The ginger ale was honestly top-shelf stuff.


Alex He does not drink. I work in the restaurant industry and this for me was a deal breaker.

Jake At one point her phone began to update, and she had a mini meltdown. I felt bad because it was really stressing her out.

Alex He was really nice, however, we did not have a lot in common.

Jake It was clear that outside of the meatball conundrum we had close to absolutely nothing in common. It was a total mismatch. It felt somewhat like a very weird job interview.

Alex To be honest, I felt like I was at a business meeting.


Jake The Yankee candle-esque scent she was emanating started to give me a headache. I started to think it was probably time for us to head home.

Alex He paid, which was sweet. I gave him a hug goodbye and panicked/gave him my number. I didn’t know how to leave it.

Jake I accidentally forgot to save it. I walked to the train. It was brutally awkward. But it is always going to be an interesting story, so I’m glad I went.

Alex We were very different people.


Jake Nah, but I wish her the best.

Alex No, we are definitely not each other’s types.


Jake / B

Alex / C-

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