Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I’m pretty sure we were matched because we go to Harvard and MIT’

Will these two electrical engineers generate any sparks?

Tosin Olabinjo and Abu Ally.
Tosin Olabinjo and Abu Ally.

TOSIN OLABINJO: 21 / electrical engineering student

Last thing she enjoyed reading: Manual for her microcontrollers class

Her interests: Great cook, loves to dance, enjoys travel

ABU ALLY: 25 / electrical engineer

What makes him a catch: Speaks five languages, is a great cook, is well traveled, and has a great accent

When he is happiest: Being nerdy; solving an interesting math/logic problem

5 P.M. Babbo Pizzeria e Enoteca, Fan Pier


Tosin I wasn’t stressed. I was late because I accidentally ended up taking a two-hour nap right before.

Abu I thought it’d be a nice change to the usual dates. She came fashionably late.

Tosin He was dressed nicely. He seemed more mature looking than I was expecting. He reminded me a bit of an uncle.


Abu I don’t do physical impressions. It’s not something I put a lot of weight on.


Tosin I’m pretty sure we were matched because we go to Harvard and MIT; we both major(ed) in fields related to engineering.

Abu [We] talked engineering a little. She has lived in four countries, speaks Japanese, loves anime, does ballroom dancing seriously, and is from Texas but not super into country music.

Tosin We’re both multilingual. We have traveled a lot and spent quite a bit of time in Japan. I was surprised he’d spent six months there but hadn’t been to an arcade once. Arcades were one of my favorite pastimes in Japan. We agree that Japanese beer is better than all other beer.

Abu [We] talked a lot about Japan — everything from the lean production theory to feeding the deer in Nara [Park].

Tosin [We ordered] a really sweet wine, duck ragu pasta, lemony octopus, and chicken. We also got dessert, a chocolate parfait thing.

Abu My impressions were positive. She was really smart and insightful, and that made her very attractive in my view.



Tosin I was ready to go at the end of dinner. It was the culmination of several small things that made me decide things wouldn’t work. He suggested continuing the date, then asked for ideas on what to do. I proposed taking a walk because I didn’t want to stay out much longer. I had homework to get back to.

Abu We wanted to do something else, but neither of us was dressed well for the weather.

Tosin We quickly realized it was too cold to enjoy a walk, so we took the T back, then parted ways.

Abu We chatted about a few outstanding items, like the name of a Nigerian dish that I had made but forgot during the date. [Then] a simple hug and goodbye. I avoid any and all romantic activity on a first date.


Tosin I’d hang out as friends. I don’t think there’s anything to pursue romantically.

Abu Maybe, we kind of mentioned that in passing.


Tosin / B

Abu / A

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