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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I was worried it was going to be awkward and I’d feel trapped’

Will a sports fan and a sports agnostic find something to bond over?

Stephen Roach and Hannah Wagner.
Stephen Roach and Hannah Wagner.

STEPHEN ROACH: 25 / claims analyst

When he is happiest: At the Beanpot

On a desert island, he’d bring: The entire series of Seinfeld

HANNAH WAGNER: 25 / pharmaceutical case manager

What makes her a catch: She’s fierce, sassy, and a published poet

Her ideal mate: The body of Bruce Willis, mind of Harry Potter, and career of Kevin Bacon



Stephen A friend told me about [Dinner With Cupid] and I figured it was worth a shot. At worst, it would make for a good story.

Hannah A friend did it. I figured the worst that could happen was a free meal.


Stephen I listened to one of my favorite playlists on the way to the restaurant. I was a bit nervous, worried it was going to be awkward and I’d feel trapped.

Hannah I brought my pepper spray, practiced an exit plan, and hoped for the best.

Stephen Hannah was already sitting when I arrived. She was just my type, cute with brown hair and a nice smile.

Hannah I thought, They would set me up with him. He seemed very wholesome and sweet. Not really my type, but cute.


Stephen We talked about traveling, food, our jobs and families. I discovered that she had gone on a yoga trip to Mexico last year, which sounded interesting, the perfect recharge vacation.

Hannah We both work in the health care industry, live near each other, and love doughnuts! We had similar taste in comedians and are Harry Potter fans.

Stephen We ordered wine and shared calamari. I ordered veal parmigiana. The food was fantastic and the service was even better.

Hannah The chef made me clams and linguini, which wasn’t even on the menu. The chef came out at the end to make sure we enjoyed everything.

Stephen We connected over our love of food and different restaurants that we’ve been to. She did mention that she isn’t really into any sports, which might be a compatibility issue.


Hannah I can pretty much make conversation with anyone, so it was easy to find something to talk about.


Stephen We had a good time. It never got to the point l needed to get away. There wasn’t any one moment that stood out as us really clicking.

Hannah It was clear as the night went on we weren’t clicking, although he was nice company. There were some awkward pauses where I was working to keep the conversation going. Once the meal was over, I was ready to go home. I wasn’t looking to hang out longer after that.

Stephen We talked about going out again. We shared a goodnight hug.

Hannah We hugged, exchanged numbers and left it at that. No kiss.


Stephen I’d like to get to know her better and see how much chemistry is there.

Hannah I would hang out again if he asked but don’t think we will go on any more dates.


Stephen / B

Hannah / B

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