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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘We almost forgot to order because we were talking so much’

Will these two daters overcome their political differences?

Hank Cohen and Marissa Nunez.
Hank Cohen and Marissa Nunez.

HANK COHEN: 24 / congressional staffer

On a desert island, he’d bring: A Frisbee, an iPod shuffle from eighth grade, and blue Sour Patch Kids

First thing people notice in his home: A wall covered in Where’s Waldo posters

MARISSA NUNEZ: 25 / financial applications analyst

Her exes say: She’s opinionated but confident

When she’s happiest: With a nice cold beer, listening to great music by Lake Winnipesaukee



Hank I came from a two-hour-long presentation on the future of Social Security. I got a drink to calm myself down after all that excitement.

Marissa I was nervous. I downed a glass of sauvignon blanc.


Hank I may have asked the waitress for a quick pep talk.

Marissa The hostess brought me over to where he was sitting.

Hank She was very pretty, with a killer smile and beautiful hair.

Marissa He’s very handsome. I loved his glasses and he was really well put together. He looked pretty athletic, too.


Hank I asked how her day had been. We talked about our families, love lives, politics, and everything in between. She seemed ambitious and intelligent but also funny and kind.

Marissa Conversation flowed. We almost forgot to order because we were talking so much.

Hank We have the same favorite Pixar movie, The Incredibles, we’re both half Jewish (her mom, my dad), and both spent time in Central America. We both like good food and better conversation.

Marissa He’s extremely motivated, which I find very attractive. He took a few years off after high school to do volunteer work in Boston and Nicaragua. His job is very demanding but also really rewarding.

Hank She told me she can’t stand picky eaters and I died a little inside because I’m not a terribly adventurous eater.


Marissa I was happy he was willing to share. We split the fried chicken. I could tell he loved the biscuits so I told him he could eat one of mine.

Hank We had things we disagreed on (mainly politically, despite us both being liberal), but she listened well and discussed things instead of arguing them.

Marissa While we voted differently, we were both respectful and informed in our opinions.

Hank It was crazy how easy she was to talk to, I don’t think there was a single awkward pause. (Which is impressive because I’m a gold medalist in making things awkward.) There was a moment where we were talking about our future plans and she told me, “You seem like someone who wants to help people, you just have to figure out the best way how.” I honestly think my heart skipped a beat. It was so kind.

Marissa I realized I liked him pretty early on. I could have sat there all night.


Hank We wanted to leave at the same time. Our date was three hours long and we were tired.

Marissa The date ended with him waiting with me for my Uber, which I thought was really sweet. We chatted a little, exchanged numbers, and hugged. No kiss, but hey, there’s always next time.


Hank I hope so.

Marissa I would go out again. I definitely felt chemistry, I’d like to see if it could go somewhere.


Hank / A-

Marissa / A

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