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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘After the calamari, I wanted to leave’

Will these sports fans team up for a knockout or a strikeout?

Kyle Hall and Laura Devine.
Kyle Hall and Laura Devine.

KYLE HALL: 30 / portfolio manager

His perfect date: Catching a sporting event

What makes him a catch: His blue eyes

LAURA DEVINE: 27 / account executive

She is happiest: With friends at the beach with a beer in her hand

What makes her a catch? She’s honest and easygoing



Kyle I went in with a clear mind-set and just wanted to enjoy myself.

Laura I came straight from work so I changed, touched up my makeup, and headed across town. I got there early and he was right on time.

Kyle The hostess pointed and noted, “Your table is with the blonde over there.” She seemed nice, but just didn’t have the X factor I like to see in girls.


Laura Kyle was really handsome. He definitely caught my attention. I immediately noticed his eyes and couldn’t help but stare at them.


Kyle We discovered we had the same major in college, sports management. We had some common ground for our enjoyment in athletics.

Laura He seemed a little nervous but we got into a rhythm after a while. I found out he has a large family, something I look for because I have a small family. I mentioned I had skipped my bowling league that night and he said he was also in a bowling league once, so we laughed about that.

Kyle We shared the calamari and the mussels.

Laura It was kind of odd, he only wanted to order apps. We had a couple of drinks each but no dinner. Luckily, I had leftovers in the fridge when I got home — I was starving after a long day of work.

Kyle When I first sat down, I knew we were going to be just friends. I like a girl with confidence who can take control of the situation.


Laura He wasn’t making a lot of eye contact in the beginning and kept putting his hands on his face, but midway through we were making eye contact and laughing.


Kyle After the calamari, I wanted to leave. I knew enough. She didn’t ask me any questions and I was getting tired of leading the conversation.

Laura We got along, but he ended the date very abruptly. There was no wind-down or talks of wrapping up. He just kind of asked for the check. He said that he thought that was a great first date and asked if I was busy this weekend.

Kyle [We hugged] goodbye, exchanged numbers and I told her to enjoy the rest of her night.

Laura I thought the date ended too soon. We didn’t do anything after, though I would have been open to it. It seemed like he either wanted or needed to get going.

Kyle I didn’t want to lead her on. I walked around Faneuil Hall to check out the Christmas lights.

Laura I texted him on my way home. I’m a pretty direct person and couldn’t gauge his interest. He was very vague. I think meeting in this manner can be awkward and maybe he wasn’t sure what to say. He mentioned he hadn’t been on a first date in a while.


Kyle No. I would grab drinks with her and watch a game, but I don’t see myself dating her.

Laura I’m open.



Kyle / C+

Laura / A

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