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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘Cute, appropriate height, bangs game is strong’

Will these two students pass the test of love?

Lisa Yannaco and Dan Bolcun.
Lisa Yannaco and Dan Bolcun.

LISA YANNACO: 22 / psychology student

What makes her a catch: She’s smart, kind, and funny

Her interests: Patriots football, ice dancing, photography

DAN BOLCUN: 23 / law student

First thing people notice in his home: A framed copy of the Declaration of Independence

What makes him a catch: He has a way with words and can make the ladies laugh



Lisa A friend encouraged me to sign up and I thought it could be interesting.

Dan I was signed up by a friend. I was trying to be open to whatever would happen. I had to rush from class to my apartment to get changed, I was worried about being late more than anything else.


Lisa The maitre d’ led me over to our table and Dan was already there. He was good looking and very well dressed.

Dan Cute, appropriate height compared to my own, bangs game is strong, good work Globe team.


Lisa He’s a law student and wants to be a prosecutor. He’s originally from Western Massachusetts, is an only child, and speaks fluent Polish.

Dan I discovered Lisa is a very good artist, we’re both only children, [and we talked about our] favorite foods, books, movies, her Italian heritage, and that, according to her, she’s not a great cook.

Lisa I ordered the chicken wings and we split churros for dessert. The food was really good and the service was great.

Dan The wings were dope, they had a real nice sauce on them and there were a fair amount. The churros bites were so good and the chocolate dipping sauce put it over the top.

Lisa We both like binge watching TV shows and reading historical nonfiction. We talked about our favorite authors and books; we both love The Great Gatsby. We talked a lot about our favorite movies, we had similar taste in film.


Dan I talked about the only thing going on in my life, law school and working at a legal aid service this semester and working for a district attorney’s office this summer.

Lisa I liked hearing about why he wants to become a prosecutor, he wants to help people on a micro level within a macro system that has significant problems. He was really easy to talk to. I enjoyed getting to know him and his personality as the night went on.

Dan I was comfortable right off the bat, but that’s my personality. I think Lisa got more comfortable as the date went along.


Lisa It was pretty late and we both had schoolwork to finish up. We exchanged numbers and walked out together.

Dan I had a paper I needed to finish; she said the same for her.

Lisa We said goodbye with a hug.

Dan We sat and talked for almost three hours, that’s my kind of good date.


Lisa We might after the craziness of exams is over.

Dan I’d like to try for a second date. [It] takes a few hangouts for me to develop a comfort level with a girl before I decide on anything.


Lisa / A

Dan / A

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