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Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘Topics I’m glad we did not talk about: when I last got my teeth cleaned’

Will this future doctor and dentist share chemistry?

Alec Eidelman and Hillary Mullan.
Alec Eidelman and Hillary Mullan.

ALEC EIDELMAN: 27 / dental resident

Who plays him in the movie? His supposed doppelgänger, Jake Gyllenhaal

His interests: Cooking, crafts, yoga

HILLARY MULLAN: 26 / medical

On a desert island, she’d bring: Coffee, crafting supplies, and a blanket

What makes her a catch: She’s adventurous — she rode an elephant studying abroad in India



Alec I was nervous about the Indian food, so much so that I made a second reservation at a restaurant across the street. We both arrived on time.

Hillary There were two options, Alec or the trio in the corner. I made the bold assumption that I was only going on a date with one person. Fortunately, I was correct.


Alec She had a humble elegance. Hillary’s eyes caught my attention the most.

Hillary He had very long lashes.


Alec We each grew up on the North Shore, went away for college, and returned to do research at Boston hospitals before grad school. Having such similar backgrounds made for easy chemistry.

Hillary He’s a dental resident, so his job involves interacting with people and making them feel comfortable with him sticking sharp metal objects into their mouths.

Alec We shared so many professional interests that there were endless topics to discuss.

Hillary We talked about sailing, the opioid crisis, residency match, dental school, medical school, patient deaths, physician burnout, mindfulness, anesthesia, my orthodontist, my dentist, terrible commutes to Longwood, Boston’s snowpocalypse, lab bench research, MGH, India, spicy food, gap years, the emergency department, board exams, capstone projects, [and] the Boston Ballet. Topics I’m glad we did not talk about: when I last got my teeth cleaned.

Alec I was nervous about the Indian food, unsure how to order. Fortunately, Hillary studied abroad in India and was able to provide reassurance. The waiter warned Hillary that the dish would be very hot.


Hillary He asked me three times if I was sure. Challenge accepted.

Alec It was clear to me that she would be able to handle the spice. The food was excellent!

Hillary I told him I was glad everything was going so well. The only uncomfortable part was trying to politely get the check. I made a sorry, awkward attempt.


Alec Our personalities matched well together, we shared easygoing tendencies.

Hillary I’m not the type who falls in love after one three-hour conversation.

Alec We both had to be in clinics for patient care early in the morning.

Hillary We had a big laugh about our mutual desire to tactfully end the evening.

Alec Coincidentally, we both shared a preference to be involved with partners not in health care.

Hillary Alec has a passion for public health; I think he will make a difference. I would not be surprised to come across a paper with his name on it.


Alec There seemed to be a mutual understanding that we enjoyed each other’s company in a friendly manner.

Hillary Unlikely, my schedule is hopelessly unpredictable.


Alec / A-

Hillary / A-

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