Letters to the editor of the Globe Magazine

Readers share some thoughts on exchanging gifts, Globe Live, and more.

Stocking Unstuffer

I read with interest the letter regarding the exchange of Christmas gifts within the large extended family (Miss Conduct, November 25). When I was growing up, we lived in the same city as my grandparents, my two uncles, and their families. Instead of each of us receiving a gift, our extended family decided to draw names. This definitely reduced gift-opening time on Christmas morning.

Dan Kraft / Boston

Given the current political climate, charitable contributions may be fraught with judgment. In our family, after a certain age we request “only consumables.” Then we might receive a bag of pecans from Georgia, or maple syrup from Vermont. And if there are too many cookies and pies, we invite the neighbors.


Erin Porter / Holliston

Stories on Stage

Congratulations on the special issue of the Globe Magazine (Globe Live, December 2). The stories from the three journalists are among the best I have ever read.

Valerie Brown / Bolton

I just read the articles by Alex Kingsbury (“A Dewey Decimal System of Death”) and Felice Belman (“Defusing Danger”). Both were compelling and extremely well written. Both journalists should be complimented on writing first person accounts of very real situations.

Bob Green / Marblehead

Reading Kingsbury’s article about the American soldier who had a collection of pictures he took of his experiences in Iraq, including the people he had killed, made me realize how futile our [weekly] peace vigil in Keene, New Hampshire, [has been for the past 17 years]. Civilians are not encouraged to dwell on the horrors of war. If we were, we could not send anyone we care about to endure what war is really about: killing or being killed.

Jacqueline Cleary / Westmoreland, New Hampshire

I just read [Kingsbury’s] article, and wanted to compliment him on his succinct, poignant, and articulate description of the experiences of war and what it means to be a war journalist.

Thomas Loeffler/ Medfield


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