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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I walked downstairs and recognized him’

Will a shared hometown be a plus or minus for these daters?

Dan Connors and Diana Bowler.
Dan Connors and Diana Bowler.

DAN CONNORS: 32 / casino cage shift supervisor

His perfect Saturday: A long hike, dinner and drinks at a tiki bar

His interests: Sports, badminton, movies

DIANA BOWLER: 30 / insurance broker

Her perfect Saturday: Going for a run, brunch, hanging out with friends/family

Her interests: Concerts, movies, sporting events



Dan I’ve tried Match, Tinder — no success and no sparks. A friend triple dog dared me to sign up, so I did.

Diana I wasn’t having luck on dating apps and figured I would give this a try.

Dan During the drive, I listened to Springsteen and that calmed my nerves. I checked in, explained I was on a blind date. She was sitting upstairs in the lounge.


Diana I walked downstairs and recognized him from high school.

Dan I know her; we’re both originally from Mansfield. Diana is adorable and has a very nice smile.

Diana He graduated with my sister and I graduated with his brother. I really was hoping to be matched with someone I didn’t already know.


Dan We seemed to have some things in common (family, sports, travel). Knowing her sister, I knew thank God that she wasn’t a Yankees fan. I like the fact she’s close with her family. I discovered she likes to go to concerts and we have similar tastes in music. We talked a lot. A few awkward moments of silence, but she was really easy to talk to.

Diana I felt comfortable because I knew of him, so it was easier than sitting across from a complete stranger.

Dan I told her that her mother was one of my customers when I worked part-time at a grocery store in Mansfield; her mom is really nice. We talked about what we’re doing for work and, of course, I talked about my little nephew.


Diana I kind of knew right away there wasn’t a spark but I enjoyed talking to him. He was super nice.

Dan We both ordered wine. She ordered a pasta dish which came in a pan (I suggested she take the pan with her after eating) and I ordered lasagna. It was very good, very filling.

Diana I ordered the gnocchi and it was so good. The service was great and everyone was really nice.


Dan Toward the end of the date, I made the decision I wouldn’t mind seeing her again. I asked if she wanted to go somewhere else after for a drink. She apologized and said she needed to be back for a friend’s birthday.

Diana We had parked at the same garage so we walked back together.

Dan We exchanged numbers and during the walk back I suggested we go out sometime.

Diana I gave him a hug and thanked him for dinner.


Dan Hard to tell. First dates are always a little awkward. I texted her when I got back home, haven’t heard anything but if she wants to I’d be down. If not, I wish her the best of luck.

Diana I don’t think so. I just didn’t feel a romantic connection.


Dan / A/B

Diana / A

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