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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I was stuck on the fact that she looked familiar’

Will a previous encounter make this date heat up or flame out?

Matt Lieberson and Amanda Genovese.
Matt Lieberson and Amanda Genovese.

MATT LIEBERSON: 24 / communications specialist

His interests: Cooking, golf, live music, playing saxophone

What makes him a catch: He has a third-generation chicken soup recipe he’d consider sharing

AMANDA GENOVESE: 25 / alumni relations officer

Her interests: Outdoorsy, chill, better than average at cooking

What makes her a catch: She’s the total package; has the credentials that will impress mom



Matt A co-worker had done Cupid in the past, so we had fun putting together my application.

Amanda My mom had been bugging me about dating.

Matt I got home from work and had some bourbon — one drink for nerves, one because I like bourbon. I was excited and amused. My co-workers were even more amused.


Amanda I went right from work to my friend’s apartment to check on her cats.

Matt She was there when I got to the restaurant. The hostess wished me luck. I thought she was cute, but I was stuck on the fact that she looked familiar.

Amanda I’ve met him before. We met at a Hillel conference last year, and added each other on Facebook. We were matched for the discussion topic, “I never thought I would work for Hillel.”

Matt Once she told me she had gotten glasses, I realized we had met at a work conference from my last job. We actually spoke for a long time there. We laughed about the coincidence. The odds of this were ridiculously low.

Amanda I had thought he was attractive, but not really my type.


Matt We caught up about our new jobs, and moving back to Boston. While I enjoy hiking and nature, she’s a serious backpacker and I don’t know if I have interest in a backpacking trip for myself. She also isn’t into movies or TV, which I am, and our music tastes didn’t overlap much either.


Amanda We couldn’t find anything we had in common. He studied economics and history (two subjects I have zero interest in), I studied neuroscience and

religious studies. We both liked food, but who doesn’t?

Matt We split a bunch of small plates. Credit to Amanda for suggesting the rice and cauliflower fritters; they were the best thing on the table. We also got smoked trout that came with latkes, as well as pork belly — clearly, we’re both Jews who contain contradictions.

Amanda We also ordered the smoked chocolate bread pudding; he loves bread pudding. I was skeptical. It was really delicious. I would definitely come back.


Matt I think we entered the “friend zone” for each other immediately. We had established there wasn’t any romantic connection the last time we met. I was trying to think of friends I could set her up with.

Amanda He paid, we walked out when my Lyft arrived, and he went to the T. We did message after about how funny it was.


Matt I’m sure we’ll do something as friends at some point. If there’s anyone looking for a tallish, funny, outdoorsy Bostonian, I know someone for you.

Amanda We’ll probably try to find the best pork barbecue in Boston.


Matt / A

Amanda / A

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