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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘He . . . arrived with questions and an open mind-set’

Will a mutual appreciation of art make this matchup a masterpiece?

Rohemir Ramirez and Marika McCoola.
Rohemir Ramirez and Marika McCoola.

MARIKA McCOOLA: 31 / author, illustrator, adjunct professor, book fair manager

First thing people notice in her home: Artwork on the walls

Her perfect mate: A good brain and a dancer physique

ROHEMIR RAMIREZ: 33 / attorney

His perfect mate: She would be a writer or an artist

First thing people notice in his home: His art collection



Marika I threw things in my bag (keys, phone, and a sketchbook and pens — you never know when someone will need to draw a diagram during a discussion) and went to the T. I exited to a flurry of snow and was glad I’d talked myself out of biking.


Rohemir It was a busy day at work so I didn’t have time to think about it.

Marika The hostess ended up seating me and [he] walked in only a few minutes later and introduced himself. It was clear that we’re both confident people. He was fit and nicely dressed in a button-up shirt, slacks, and wool coat. Most importantly, he smiled.

Rohemir She seemed nice and maybe a little nervous.


Marika He asked what I do, and we ended up talking about the paths we took to where we are.

Rohemir It was an impulse to ask that to break the ice.

Marika The best part was learning about the opinion he wrote (as a lawyer). I will happily listen to people talk passionately about what they do as it makes most subjects engaging, and he was not only excited to talk about it, but it led to a longer conversation.

Rohemir She is a published writer, a professor, and co-owner of a business. Very impressive.

Marika I ordered an Amaro di Cocco, which was good, if sweeter than I like my drinks, and then we shared chicken wings, tuna poke, and mushroom gyoza. The wings were lip-burning (which I liked, and did not suit him at all). Overall, the food was good. I appreciate that they add a fee to the bill specifically for the kitchen staff.


Rohemir The chicken wings were good, but very spicy.

Marika We have a shared interested in work that serves people in some way: him as a lawyer with an environmental nonprofit, me with teaching.

Rohemir We both appreciate reading. Although, since she is a published writer, I’m sure she has better taste than I do.

Marika He is a good conversationalist and arrived with questions and an open mind-set. It was worth braving the blustery, frigid evening to exchange ideas, and know that there’s a decent human in the world.

Rohemir We were able to have a very good conversation, no awkward pauses or silences.


Marika Normally I might suggest a walk, but it was below zero with the windchill. We ended up exchanging numbers and talking about meeting for another drink.

Rohemir It was freezing outside, so we just said goodbye.

Marika For me, a successful date is one in which I leave thinking, “It’s good to know there’s another good human in the world, even if they’re not my person.”

Rohemir She seemed very interesting. I really enjoyed our conversation.


Marika We may.

Rohemir Not sure at this point.


Marika / B

Rohemir / A

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