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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I was ... fishing to have him ask to see pictures of my dog’

Will the night go south for these two Providence-area daters?

LAURA G.: 26 / sociology grad student

Her interests: She’s always down for new adventures

What makes her a catch: She’s easily entertained and easy to talk to

ALEC P.: 26 / exhibit designer

His interests: Hiking, biking, kayaking, rock climbing

When he is happiest: Building, creating, and designing



Laura I signed up at the suggestion of a friend who did it and had a great time.

Alec I’m new to the [South Coast] area and looking for people to meet.

Laura A friend drove me over. I arrived early to snag a spot on the booth side; he arrived shortly after me. He wore a button-down shirt, half-zip, and paisley tie. It was a classically preppy look but not my style.


Alec She looked athletic. She seemed cool; she was all smiles.


Laura We talked about what brought us to Providence, him explaining his new job in a company that installed displays for museums. The first 20 minutes was reminiscent of the feeling when you are in a car in a new city, and you press the scan button to find a radio station, but just keep scanning through and repeating. We learned many facts about each other — he worked in the Hudson Valley via AmeriCorps, he took a long road trip last year, he is working on learning Spanish, he likes Latin American food — but we did not manage to develop a rapport. I was definitely fishing to have him ask to see pictures of my dog and he did not take the bait.

Alec Imagine having to use the toilet but your boss puts you in a meeting for two hours.

Laura I love Loie Fuller’s (everyone should check out their discounted mussel deal). We split mussels for an appetizer. I got a cocktail and glass of wine; Alec had a beer. We finished off by splitting the lavender crème brûlée and chocolate mousse.


Alec We shared our love of food in common.

Laura We were not compatible in fashion sense or sense of humor. I said a lot of things I thought were hilarious that did not land as jokes, which I found to be a deal breaker. Once it became apparent this was not going to be happening again (I would venture to say about 20 minutes in), I became more comfortable. Since he was looking to explore Providence, I shared my favorite restaurant deals and other random points of interest.

Alec Right from the start: not going to work, she’s too happy for this region.


Laura He described himself as not political whereas I am pretty outspoken about my political views and find an apolitical stance to be political.

Alec We did not do anything after the meal.

Laura I had my friend pick me up at the end. I suggested he join my friends for rock climbing sometime if he wanted to meet more people, which he seemed lukewarm about.

Alec She said her friend was coming soon, and that I didn’t have to wait around. I said goodbye before the check came.


Laura No. But I wish him all the best.

Alec Only if she pays.


Laura / B

Alec / C at best

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