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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘Rule number one: Always check his shoes’

Will his footwear prompt her to take a hike?

Alexis Cole and Upendra Naidoo.
Alexis Cole and Upendra Naidoo.

ALEXIS COLE: 25 / research assistant

ON A DESERT ISLAND, SHE’D BRING: Music, camera, her cat

HER INTERESTS: Being outdoors, from hiking to lying on the Esplanade

UPENDRA NAIDOO: 25 / computer engineer

WHEN HE IS HAPPIEST: Outdoors exploring nature

HIS INTERESTS: Yoga, scuba diving, hiking, snowboarding



Alexis I work in a lab and my co-workers helped me prep. I put on makeup and my sauciest hoop earrings.

Upendra I was coming from work so I needed to unwind. I chugged a beer as soon as I got to the restaurant.

Alexis He was attractive. He looked very cleaned up. Rule number one: Always check his shoes. It was tough because the restaurant was dark but I managed to catch a glimpse and they looked stylish. I made a mental note to check at the end of the date.


Upendra She looked very natural, she didn’t seem to have any makeup on and had the out-of-bed hair look. But [she] still looked pretty.


Alexis He seemed smart, and has traveled a lot. The conversation felt very predictable. Maybe 80 percent was me asking a question and he would follow up with “how about you?” So I basically knew whatever question was coming up.

Upendra It was the generic stuff that usually gets asked when meeting someone new.

Alexis Food was good. I ordered a peppered pasta dish

Upendra I ordered ravioli. The food was tasty and service was on point.

Alexis We both like to hike. We also both work in a science-related field.

Upendra We both went to school in Boston, and enjoy cycling. But other than that, we did not seem to have a lot in common.


Alexis When I realized that I was barely laughing, I knew it wasn’t going to work out. He was a nice guy but I need someone with more humor. Normally if I’m attracted, I’ll be flirty but I wasn’t feelin’ it.


Upendra She was polite but didn’t do anything to make me really like or resent her.

Alexis He popped the question about getting another drink elsewhere. I couldn’t get myself to act like an adult and tell him that I didn’t want to, so I told him that I needed to feed my cat.

Upendra I couldn’t tell if she really had a cat to feed.

Alexis In reality I could have easily “fed my cat” and then gone out for drinks. Was he thinking this? Probably. He offered me a ride home but I told him I was all set. I was able to confirm that he was wearing nice shoes.

Upendra It ended with an exchange of numbers and a “nice to meet you.”


Alexis He just texted me asking if I’d want to meet up again. Eh, probably not.

Upendra Not sure. There weren’t fireworks but there weren’t any red flags either.


Alexis / B-

Upendra / B-

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