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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘Not feeling like you need a cellphone is one of the privileges of being a guy’

Will one dater’s disdain for constant connectivity create a disconnect?

Leanna Hamill and Joe LaRoche.
Leanna Hamill and Joe LaRoche.

LEANNA HAMILL: 47 / lawyer

What make her a catch: She’s old enough to know the difference between intriguing and [messed] up

Her perfect mate: Lyle Lovett

JOE LaROCHE: 49 / business owner, designer, comedian

Notable qualities: His youthful energy

What makes him a catch: He’s a feminist — women’s rights are human rights



Leanna I had been texting friends and they’d been making me laugh so I was feeling happy.

Joe It was fortuitous timing, I got one of my semi-annual haircuts the day before. (It had been exactly six months since my last!)

Leanna He was good looking. I had filled out the questionnaire that my celebrity crush was Lyle Lovett (which is sort of true). Joe had great curly hair that, if it stood on end, would probably look like Lyle Lovett’s.


Joe I thought she had a kind face.


Leanna We’re both liberals. And we both own businesses, so we talked about dealing with clients.

Joe I’m a talker, a sharer, and very interested in other people’s stories. We really had to crack down and concentrate to look at the menus.

Leanna The lobster mac and cheese was good. We agreed the restaurant was, as he put it, “mall fancy.”

Joe Somewhat overpriced, generic Italian cuisine. I had a tough chicken parm. The best beer on the list was Harpoon IPA. (Nothing interesting.) We joked about only writing a restaurant review for our contribution.

Leanna I found out he had never actually read the column. So I explained that we were supposed to review the date, and then people on the Internet would leave mean comments about us.

Joe We talked about politics quite a bit. I only got more comfortable as the date went on. She was a quality person.


Leanna I tend to be the most liberal person among my friends, and live in a fairly conservative area, so it was refreshing to find another lefty to talk to.

Joe I shared that I don’t use/own a cellphone, which is always a topic of curiosity for people.

Leanna Not a deal breaker, but I do like to be able to get in touch with people in my life. Leaving voicemails and hoping the person will get them seems dated. He was a feminist (which is great) but I pointed out that not feeling like you need a cellphone is one of the privileges of being a guy.

Joe She lives 50 (hard commuting) miles away. And she’s a recent
homeowner. That certainly doesn’t dovetail well with my needs/desires (I’m a committed bicycle commuter).


Leanna I know how long it takes to get to his town and there would have to be very strong feelings to overcome that. And I don’t know that we actually had much in common besides politics, not something I like talking about all the time.

Joe After about two hours of perfectly lovely conversation, she said we should head out.

Leanna We wished each other luck. I walked to the garage (with my cellphone handy, so I felt safe).

Joe We hugged goodbye.


Leanna No, we didn’t exchange contact information.

Joe I doubt it. I gave her my business card early in the evening, and she didn’t reciprocate. I suspect our feelings toward each other were mutually respectful (as opposed to “romantic”).


Leanna / B

Joe / A

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