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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I felt the need to wax enthusiastically about candlepin bowling’

Will these seasoned daters foul or pick up a spare?

Lewis Rice and Debbie Weiss.
Lewis Rice and Debbie Weiss.

LEWIS RICE: 54, health communications

Notable qualities: Likes Buddhist quotes and watching ducks on the pond outside his window

His ideal mate: A pediatrician who does dog walking on the side

DEBBIE WEISS: 52, pharmaceuticals quality assurance

Last thing she read: 365 Days of Wonder, a book of inspirational sayings

Her ideal mate: Someone who values people, relationships, and family



Lewis My daughter told me I should step outside of my comfort zone.

Debbie I am new to Boston, so I thought I would give it a try.

Lewis Some nervousness crept in before the date. But I told myself that when I do something I don’t imagine myself doing, I’m usually happy I did.


Debbie I walked, which was a great way to clear the mind. I was very relaxed. We arrived at the hostess stand at exactly the same time.

Lewis Debbie is an attractive woman. Her long blond hair stood out, and she had a confident bearing. Debbie seemed completely calm. I later found out she used to be a cardiac nurse, so she is not easily fazed.

Debbie I thought he was attractive.


Lewis She is a fairly recent arrival to Boston, from Philly. She had been bowling earlier in the day for a work function, and for some odd reason I felt the need to wax enthusiastically about candlepin bowling, which if you’re from Massachusetts is “real” bowling.

Debbie We talked about where we lived, where we went to college, our families growing up, our careers, and our daughters. We each have one daughter.

Lewis I joked that my daughter is technically old enough to be the mother of her daughter. We talked about our jobs, which are both related to health care. I was interested in her work for an organization developing drugs for people in Africa.


Debbie I ordered scallops for my entrée, and it was delicious. The service was great. The waitress suggested a glass of pinot noir, which was very nice.

Lewis I ordered the haddock, and we shared a flourless chocolate cake for dessert. The food was excellent.

Debbie I felt very comfortable on the date. He was very nice, and the conversation was good.

Lewis Debbie has an even-keeled manner that made me comfortable. The evening felt pleasant and low-key.


Lewis I’m not sure we had a lot in common besides being educated professionals of a certain age.

Debbie As the night went on, I realized we did not have a lot in common or a lot of the same interests. As the dinner came to an end, I was ready to go home.

Lewis I didn’t feel we would mesh in a relationship. I got the sense she would be more interested in a different type of guy, and I am more interested in women who are a bit more quirky and offbeat.

Debbie We exchanged numbers but did not make plans for another date. We hugged, then went on our way.


Lewis Debbie is a lovely person, but no.

Debbie I don’t think we will.


Lewis / B+

Debbie / B-

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