LEAH BLACHMAN: 22 / food marketing associate

When she is happiest: Making music with friends

Her hobbies: Singing, Zumba, and folk dancing

CHARLIE GOLD: 23 / meat packer

What makes him a catch: He’s clever, empathetic, and kind

His interests Singing a capella, theater, video games



Leah I thought I had a better chance here than getting on The Bachelor.

Charlie I took a shot in the emptiest parking garage I’ve ever been in, then walked to the restaurant.

Leah I opened up my book (I was re-reading The Help) while I waited, but he sat down a minute later.


Charlie Sometimes people who read in public places are the quirky type, but it was a good book and she seemed pretty chill otherwise.

Leah He was around my height and dressed casually, in a button-down plaid shirt and nice pants.

Charlie Her choice of clothes, while not my personal taste, was nice.


Leah My date mentioned college a cappella, and I knew that was a big reason we were matched; I was also in college a cappella.

Charlie She was in a group called cresc(Hen)do because her school’s mascot was a Hen (bad puns and a cappella groups go together like peanut butter and jelly on vomit-inducing bread).

Leah He majored in theater and I did musicals in high school. He’s still doing a cappella and I’m in a band, so we both have incorporated music into our post-grad lives.

Charlie I felt very comfortable with my date. We were able to laugh and not take anything too seriously.

Leah We covered what we studied, current jobs, hobbies. He likes video games, anime, and his dog, while I like Zumba, food justice, and playing trivia with my friends. We both appreciate Internet humor (both big Twitter and meme fans) and understood each other’s references. We also like Harry Potter, though we’re in different houses.


Charlie She talked about food marketing. She works for one of my family’s favorite brands.

Leah I ordered Caesar salad and salmon. Both were delicious.

Charlie I got scallops for an appetizer and risotto.


Leah We were not compatible. He plays video games and likes anime, and I don’t share those hobbies. I mentioned that a few of my friends play sports-related video games, and he said he doesn’t follow sports. I didn’t realize that having an interest in sports was important to me until he said that. Also, I’m not a huge pet person and he loves, I mean loves, his dog.

Charlie She was very nice and was cute, but I just didn’t feel it.

Leah I love socializing, dancing, and being active, and I didn’t get that vibe from him.

Charlie After the check, I was full, tired, and drained of any social inclination I’d had for the evening.

Leah We kept talking for a while after he paid the bill. I had to go because I was meeting friends.

Charlie We took a selfie to commemorate this ridiculous, silly thing we did and added each other on Facebook.


Leah I don’t have interest. At the end of the day, I’m a Gryffindor and he’s a Hufflepuff.

Charlie No chemistry, but I’d be down to mix social circles and hang out again some day.



Leah / B+

Charlie / B

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