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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘My stupid jokes are sometimes a deal breaker’

Will this skier and snowboarder come away from this date laughing?

Ryan Keough and Crystal Eusebio.
Ryan Keough and Crystal Eusebio.

CRYSTAL EUSEBIO: 34 / student activities assistant director

Her interests: Rock climbing, salsa dancing, travel

Her perfect mate: Cute yet charming with a nice smile

RYAN KEOUGH: 37 / software engineer

What makes him a catch: Gets along with everybody

His interests: Live music, New England sports teams, craft beer



Crystal My friend told me about the column. I thought, Why not? A Deaf person going on a Cupid date, that’d be fun.

Ryan I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone.

Crystal I got there early so I looked around the markets.


Ryan She showed up exactly on time. It was kind of impressive. I was happy when she sat down. I first noticed her smile. She seemed like a person that laughs all the time.

Crystal He seemed nervous, I had to stop him short to let him know that I prefer communicating via text, rather than lipreading. Lipreading is never really reliable. He may have forgotten that I’m Deaf or prefer a different method of communication. I knew that the Globe told him first before setting [us] up.

Ryan Conversation was pretty easy. [She] put me at ease.


Crystal We talked about work and where we’re from. What movies or shows we like, that kind of thing. Not much depth.

Ryan We talked about family, where we previously lived, and why she would ever leave the West Coast. She tried to help me using chopsticks, something I probably should’ve been embarrassed about.

Crystal We talked about soju, Korean alcohol, I asked him if he had one before. He hadn’t, I told him it was good. So we ordered a pineapple soju bowl then discussed what food to order.

Ryan Koy was amazing. No complaints at all. We ordered sushi, lobster Rangoons, sweet and sour pork, and coconut shrimp.


Crystal He was nice but wasn’t my type. I don’t recall us having something in common. I wasn’t feeling the connection.

Ryan I thought we got along great. We seemed to have the same sense of humor, watch similar shows, do the same things for fun. I knew we’d get along when we argued which is better, skiing or snowboarding. She was obviously wrong because snowboarders make the trails icy.

Crystal Near the ending, it became a tad awkward as I was getting tired and quiet. I didn’t have much to say anymore. He was joking as he flipped me off, that was a little too bold for me.

Ryan My stupid jokes are sometimes a deal breaker.


Crystal We didn’t do anything after the meal. I was ready to go.

Ryan There is always that time sitting at a table when you just know it’s time to go.

Crystal He asked if [we could] hang out again, I said sure. We stepped outside, exchanged numbers, and hugged good night.

Ryan I went one way and she went the other.


Crystal No, I was not clicking with him. He was a little bit too short for me.

Ryan I’d be willing to go on another date to see how it goes. Either way I had fun and was glad I did it.


Crystal / C+

Ryan / A

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