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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘We actually went to the same formal junior year. Small world.’

Will these transplanted Southerners find romance in the North?

Colin Stuart and Jenny Ho.
Colin Stuart and Jenny Ho.

COLIN STUART: 22 / data analyst

His perfect Saturday: Smuggle wine into a park and have a picnic

What makes him a catch: Once won a “best hair” award

JENNY HO: 22 / merchandiser

Her interests: Knitting, yoga, current affairs

What makes her a catch: She remembers friends’ birthdays without Facebook reminders



Colin My friend signed me up.

Jenny My good friend actually signed me up.

Colin The restaurant was completely empty when I walked in, so for a second, I thought this was all a big prank. I ordered a drink while I waited for her.


Jenny I was five minutes late. I’m Southern, so my momma always taught me to make an entrance (kidding, but not really).

Colin I thought she was stunning when we sat down. First thing I noticed was her smile. I wondered how I was matched with someone who seemed like my type.

Jenny He was cute and seemed very kind and polite.


Colin She had a lot of energy, in a good way. It turned out that both of us were signed up by our friends. Knowing that put us at ease.

Jenny He was easy to talk to and we have a ton in common.

Colin She’s from Dallas, and came up here for school. Her job is similar to what I’m doing right now. She was confident, but didn’t take herself too seriously, which I loved.

Jenny We were in the same professional development fraternity, both from Southern states, and [have a] very similar sense of humor.

Colin We had so much to talk about that it felt like catching up with an old friend. And she was funny, which always helps.

Jenny We actually went to the same formal junior year. It was a joint formal from our business fraternity and I helped plan it. Small world!


Colin We had gone to a joint formal, but hadn’t met until [our Cupid date].

Jenny I don’t even remember what we ordered. I think something called avocado hummus (which was literally just guac).

Colin We had their shishito peppers. We bonded over our love of spicy food. Anyone who likes whiskey needs to try their Painting with Pastels cocktail.

Jenny We ended up going to another bar around the corner.


Colin The date went by so fast. At some point, we realized we needed to switch bars. We went to The Rising, a block away, for a few more drinks.

Jenny The bar was closing so we both called Ubers. The goodbye was kind of rushed.

Colin We kissed before our Ubers came. It was definitely not the worst kiss I’ve had.

Jenny We just had great chemistry.


Colin I hope!

Jenny We have plans!


Colin / A

Jenny / A

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