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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I respect his choice in workout playlists’

Will this appealing North End setting work some romantic magic?

Rachel Mayer and Andy Hogan.
Rachel Mayer and Andy Hogan.

RACHEL MAYER: 25 / hospital program coordinator

What makes her a catch: She’s flexible and easygoing

Her perfect mate: Would look like John Kennedy and know how to calculate the tip

ANDY HOGAN: 29 / attorney

When he is happiest: Eating chocolate, playing with a dog, after a run

What makes him a catch: He’s an enthusiastically optimistic person



Rachel I was early because I was wearing heels and needed extra time in case I got stuck in the cobblestones.

Andy I was definitely nervous with a bit of excited thrown in.

Rachel The host brought Andy to the table. He looked great. He was good looking and dressed well.


Andy She was stunning. She was wearing a sleeveless black dress, with shoulder-length brown hair. I was really excited to get to know her.


Rachel The waiter brought us each a shot of something that tasted like candy. It was the perfect moment for me to tell him that I don’t drink much, and was OK not ordering any other drinks, and he felt the same. I liked that.

Andy By the time the waiter came over, I felt like I already knew her well.

Rachel Andy is from San Diego and I spent a lot of time in California during college. I can’t believe he left that weather, or In-N-Out Burger! We both ski and love breakfast food. I always appreciate a fellow pancake lover.

Andy We talked about everything. She currently works for a hospital while going to business school part time. She’s from Massachusetts but went to Arizona for college. We told stories from growing up, college, and our current lives.

Rachel I felt comfortable right away and it continued throughout the date. We had a lot to talk about. Andy and I enjoy similar books — he had a great recommendation. We both like to ski and I respect his choice in workout playlists. I really want to go to Italy and he’s been twice.


Andy We had a lot in common and what we didn’t, we were interested in each other’s answers. We both run and read a lot in addition to having a love for Disney. We live in the same neighborhood and both love cream cheese. Most importantly, we both have an undying love for In-N-Out.

Rachel We got the ricotta fritters, which were delicious, and I got the ricotta gnudi. I couldn’t pronounce it, but Andy was nice about that.

Andy I got salmon. Both the food and service were great.

Rachel He started talking to the table next to us for a little bit, and I liked that he was outgoing.

Andy She made me laugh a lot throughout the evening.


Rachel After dinner, we got ice cream and walked down to the water.

Andy After getting gelato, we went for a walk. It was a beautiful night, we were having a great conversation, and I definitely felt a spark.

Rachel The night flew by. He was a perfect gentleman.

Andy We gave each other a goodbye hug and expressed interest in seeing each other again.


Rachel We will make plans.

Andy I hope so!


Rachel / A

Andy / A+

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