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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘She said she knew within a narrow range what my net worth was’

Will this financial planner’s ability to calculate his assets lead to a total loss?

Marcy Maycock and Rick Aronovitz.
Marcy Maycock and Rick Aronovitz.

MARCY MAYCOCK: 63 / certified financial planner

What makes her a catch: She’s sexy, smart, and sassy — and financially independent to boot

Her perfect mate: A philanthropist/entrepreneur who enjoys the finer things in life

RICK ARONOVITZ: 72 / liquor chain owner

Notable qualities: Summa cum laude graduate of an adult education stand-up comedy course

When he is happiest: Flying in his airplane to new places with people he loves



Marcy So many Cupid dates were younger people. I wanted to show platinum heads could meet up as well. I made sure hair and makeup were in place. Since I was returning from the Bahamas that week, I had a great tan.


Rick Preparation included a shower, shave, and fresh casual clothes. Way too old to be nervous.

Marcy I settled on a glass of white wine and waited. He was casual (black golf shirt, pants, tennis shoes, a windbreaker), short, older than I thought.

Rick Well-dressed classy lady, age appropriate, pleasant appearance. She seemed relaxed. We introduced ourselves and talked about where we were from.


Marcy He talks a lot about his businesses, his house, and trips, but behind all that is a nice man looking for someone to share time with.

Rick We discovered we had a lot in common: grown children, skiing, scuba diving, sailing, small airplanes, real estate. She had worked on Madison Avenue and for ABC News, and later became an investment adviser. I started a drugstore chain, which transmogrified into a chain of liquor stores.

Marcy We talked about business a lot. I am a financial planner so I thought I had the night off . . . not true.

Rick As a financial adviser, she has to size up prospects and determine if they have sufficient net worth to be a potential client. After we had talked for a while, she said she knew within a narrow range what my net worth was. Even if she does have that amazing prescient ability, I thought it was an awkward thing to say.


Marcy Rick was a savvy, super smart guy. He knows it, though. He took a stand-up comedy class and tries his humor out all the time. I found myself offering to send him YouTube videos of Jim Gaffigan, a true comic genius.

Rick Marcy had past relationships in which she was the hard-working ant and the man was the free-spending grasshopper, so I don’t blame her for being wary.

Marcy Juliet is a gem of a restaurant. We ordered the tasting menu. The dishes were inventive, and the place smelled like home cooking.

Rick The food was excellent, well presented with attentive service.


Marcy I felt comfortable with Rick. I think we are at a place in our lives when total honesty comes easily.

Rick As a single man back dating after a 48-year marriage, the hormones are not raging like they used to, so personality, intelligence, and character take precedence.

Marcy I am looking for a slow-grow relationship. So chemistry is really not important to me, and I did not feel any magnetic attraction that night. Which is a good thing.

Rick We hugged good night. We did exchange numbers.


Marcy I would, if Rick is interested.

Rick It will take a second date out in the real world doing an activity to get to know Marcy.



Marcy B-/C+

Rick Don’t believe in scoring people. If pressed to give a pass/fail, Marcy is a solid pass.

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