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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘We get our hair cut at the same salon’

Will these two daters discover more in common than their MBAs and hair care?

Colleen Murphy and Ben Salisbury.
Colleen Murphy and Ben Salisbury.

COLLEEN MURPHY: 29 / fund-raiser

Notable qualities: She’s Catholic and goes to church when she can

Her hobbies: She’s a recipe tester for a local magazine/cookbook group

BEN SALISBURY: 29 / business analyst

When he is happiest: Baking

His interests: Volunteers at his church at least once a month



Colleen I took my roommate’s dog for a walk and then got opinions on outfits from some friends over text.

Ben I read the menu, and asked a friend who lives in the area if they had been to the restaurant before.

Colleen I gave myself a pep talk in the car. I arrived and Ben was waiting with the hostess. First date attire can be a little hard to nail, but he was well dressed.


Ben She was pretty. Cupid did well in matching. She definitely has style/good taste in clothing.

Colleen We hit the big “first date” topics: where do you work, what do you do. I just finished my MBA and he is just starting his, so we talked about the programs we were each in.

Ben We talked about what we do in our free time. Free time is a bit of a loose word since I’m currently completing my MBA and Colleen just graduated with hers this past spring.


Colleen We actually grew up in neighboring towns! We get our hair cut at the same salon, which is pretty funny. He owns his own home; I’m trying to buy so we talked about being a homeowner. He actually bought in the neighborhood he grew up in.

Ben We identified a few mutual friends, a fun discovery.

Colleen Ben took the lead on ordering. We agreed on four small plates. The empanadas were fantastic, as were the maduros con bacon — we agreed it was the perfect salty-sweet.


Ben Tapas was a good date option since it encouraged us to discuss what we were going to order and if we were going to share (which we did).

Colleen Ben grabbed the check, paid for drinks at a second bar, and was very polite — all things that I appreciated. I don’t believe in “sparks.” I think the best relationships take time and getting to know one another.

Ben She has some great qualities that came out as the date went on. She’s from a large family and close with them, so it was great to find out she was family oriented.


Colleen I had mentioned my roommates were out watching the Bruins game and invited him along.

Ben Once the Bruins game went into overtime, it was getting pretty late so we decided to head out.

Colleen Ben is a super nice guy who “checks the boxes.” Since he owns a home in the suburbs and works outside of the city, I’m not sure if we are a geographic match.

Ben As we left the bar we hugged good night.


Colleen I’m not sure if the distance will work, but I’m not opposed to giving it another go. The ball is in his court!

Ben We talked about getting drinks in the future. There is only so much you can get to know about someone in a few hours.


Colleen / A-

Ben / B+

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