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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘He told me how cute his dog was and did not even have a picture’

Will a love of canines be enough to bond these humans?

Meg Gegick and Ben Rayner.
Meg Gegick and Ben Rayner.

MEG GEGICK: 25 / medical student

Her perfect Saturday: Go to Harpoon with friends and have flights and pretzels

What makes her a catch: She laughs at everything, especially terrible puns

BEN RAYNER: 29 / customer service associate

His perfect Saturday: Enjoy good craft beer and food with friends

Who plays him in the movie: Jonah Hill



Meg As a lover of romantic comedies, having a newspaper set me up on a blind date made me feel like Meg Ryan destined to find her Tom Hanks.

Ben I calmed my nerves by talking to friends and family to give me advice.


Meg I had time to go for a run and have some rosé. My roommate generously graded all of my date outfits to find the perfect one.

Ben I was early to beat traffic.

Meg He was already at the table. I was impressed; as a chronic early person, punctuality is important to me. He had a nice smile, was a bit older than I expected.

Ben Physically, she was very cute and had a beautiful smile. She had beautiful curly hair and was short like me.


Meg He seemed nervous. I found it sweet. It put me at ease, knowing we both obviously felt weird about this. We started talking about the basics, where we grew up and where we worked.

Ben I discovered that’s she from Pittsburgh and grew up a hockey fan. We also talked about breweries and how many we have visited. She loves Harpoon beers.

Meg We had been to a lot of breweries around Boston and Portland, so we were able to talk about our favorites.

Ben She ordered a flatbread pizza and I ordered a steak salad. The food and service were good.

Meg The place was adorable. It had little lights strung up and overall a trendy but comfortable vibe. Five stars — I’d go back.


Ben We chatted nonstop. We were both very outgoing and really hit it off.

Meg He likes baseball, I like hockey. I love to ski, and he only went a couple of times in elementary school. Though we both gave it a good effort, pretty quickly, it was clear that we were not compatible.

Ben She isn’t a Boston sports fan, but I think I can live with that.


Meg We couldn’t find anything we bonded over, and that’s how I knew it wasn’t going to work. One of the only things we agreed upon was that we liked dogs. Liking dogs is like saying that we both have pulses — obviously dogs are the best. Then he told me how cute his dog was and did not even have a picture to show me! It was at that point that I thought it may be time to throw in the towel.

Ben I don’t think there was any romantic chemistry, but it doesn’t mean I can’t build up to chemistry.

Meg He never laughed at any of my jokes. To me, it was a clear sign of a bigger problem: We have very different senses of humor. I asked for the check and made a slight excuse that I had to work early in the morning (which was true). We paid and left.

Ben We hugged. I asked for her number to see if she wants to hang out one night.



Meg No. Ben would be a nice guy for someone, just not for me.

Ben I hope I see her again.


Meg / C-

Ben / A

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