Design For Seniors

In Style Watch (April 21), I glanced at an elegant, cool bedroom pictured with a tall, four-poster bed, admired it for one second, then said to myself, You need a ladder to climb up on to this bed. Please. It is time to do an elder-friendly decor section. Beds accessible by ladder or leaps? Kitchen islands with stools to perch on like songbirds? Rugs and benches to trip over? Huge tubs you have to do the cancan to climb into? Even if the grandparents are only visiting, can we please create photos and articles of interiors more friendly to them?

Mary Birnbaum


Jamaica Plain

Is an Only Lonely?

I hate to think that those teachers who chide a colleague for having only one child (Miss Conduct, April 28) are also handling delicate situations in the classroom with a similar lack of discretion.

Kathleen Drane


A Story of Survival

When I was young, anything pertaining to Nazism was deemed repugnant for the evil represented, for the images of the Holocaust evoked (“Bearing Witness,” April 28). But it was history. What satisfaction for a little girl to be American, confident that our nation helped purge that evil. What relief to know our leaders would make sure it never happened again. Apparently memories are short. Until this administration, it would have been inconceivable for an American president to hedge in condemning anti-Semitic and white nationalist crimes. Church shootings, synagogue bombings — how can this be America? The brutal Holocaust stories relayed by survivor Izzy Arbeiter were never just history; they were always a warning.

Lea Sylvestro

Easton, Connecticut

I have never been so moved to write to the Globe Magazine. Congratulations to Linda Matchan for this very timely, well-written article. Happy birthday, Mr. Arbeiter, a hero of the highest level!

Bernadette Reid


I saw Arbeiter’s passionate advocacy firsthand in the late ’90s as the Jewish Community Relations Council worked with him and other survivors to pass legislation exempting Holocaust restitution payments from being taxed or used to determine income for state public benefits. Just starting out in the field of advocacy, I felt so blessed to be in the presence of this powerful, good man who was willing to relive the painful past to testify to the horrors he had endured at the hands of the Nazis. More than 20 years later, the praise he gave me remains the most meaningful I have received in my career. I remain thankful for his continued, tireless work to educate future generations on what can happen when hate goes unchecked.


Charles Glick


More on Bars in Boston

Though you did mention Burro Bar in the mocktails section, it’s hard to understand why that was the only bar noted in Brookline (“Our Favorite Bars,” April 28). I’d say The Abbey and Washington Square Tavern each merited mention and for different reasons.

Tom Nutt-Powell


Check out Cornwall’s in Kenmore Square. English pub style, with great food. College folk, workers, sports fans, and tourists mingle with ease; family run ; and diverse and changing beer list.

Peter Waelsch


I would have liked you to have mentioned more about where someone could go to listen and perhaps dance to live music in the Boston area. Outside of a couple of Irish music places and a place in Brighton, there seems to be few places to hear live music. It is a complaint that I hear from many who visit Boston.


John Rooney


Smoking vs. Vaping

Nicole DeFeudis demystified vaping and made clear how addictive it is (Perspective, April 28). What was not clear is whether bystanders get affected by the cloud of vapor. If so, vaping should be prohibited from public areas.

Isabelle Albeck


Passenger Etiquette

Reading Miss Conduct’s column (May 5) about the rules of sharing train seats, I wondered what J.C., the person writing in, was complaining about. Does he feel guilty about possibly offending the person in the aisle seat who got up and left? I have been that aisle seat person, and if I don’t want to be smashed up against a stranger I’ll go stand in a vestibule. As for walking away “without a word,” what would J.C. want that departing person to say? I’ve tried apologizing but it seems weird — why should I say sorry for being made uncomfortable?

Kathleen Gibson


Summer Travel

Great piece on Estonia (“Baltic Wonder,” May 5), a little traveled place. Todd Pitock injected himself into the culture — from sauna to street artists to Valli Bar — with a view to really looking at the people and places as opposed to writing that “tourist snapshot.” Fascinating!

Sue Ellen Kuzma


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