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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I appreciated her asking if the 10-year age difference bothered me’

Will these two daters, ages 24 and 35, dance off into the sunset?

Ellice Patterson and Amber Carr.
Ellice Patterson and Amber Carr.

ELLICE PATTERSON: 24 / founder/CEO of Abilities Dance Boston

When she is happiest: Dancing on stage

Her hobbies: Board games, Netflix, reading Russian lit

AMBER CARR: 35 / ecologist

Her perfect Saturday: Night swimming and stargazing

First thing people notice in her home: Nature-themed art and climbing/yoga gear



Ellice Online dating has not worked out for me so I thought I would try something new.

Amber I recently had heard about Cupid and impulsively signed up. I was intrigued and curious about who I’d meet.

Ellice I was a little early. She was on time. I appreciated the punctuality.


Amber I Googled the restaurant and picked out my outfit.

Ellice I thought she was really cute! She had her long red hair pulled back and wore a casual blue dress with a multi-colored scarf.

Amber Ellice was warm and welcoming — nice smile.


Ellice We talked about where we were from and what we did. Starting off with social justice issues had me thinking this could be a good match. We talked about rebuilding New Orleans after Katrina and government investment into cultural areas.

Amber We gave each other a very rough overview. She’s a dancer from Mississippi, I’m an ecologist from Maine, blah blah blah.

Ellice We definitely had commonalities to start the conversation flowing. Ecology was a lot of my focus in college. She’s from Maine and I lived there briefly in between undergrad and grad school. We talked about everything under the sun when getting to know someone. She likes to be out and about instead of in an office all day and enjoys Clue and true crime.

Amber We talked about a lot of things — travel, dance, ecology, okra — we discussed what came to mind. We both went to school for biology and appreciate the arts. Having the ability to express ourselves in a creative way seemed to be something we both value.


Ellice I ordered ravioli and a glass of wine. It was great. The wine paired well with the pasta.

Amber I ordered a pasta dish with seafood and foraged mushrooms. It was tasty and the service was good.

Ellice I felt really comfortable with Amber, and that increased as the date went on. Everything said was in line with what I’m looking for.

Amber I enjoyed spending time and thought we were comfortable engaging with each other.


Ellice I’m a fan of honesty and asking deeper questions so I appreciated [her] asking if the 10-year age difference bothered me (it didn’t) and if I’m out to my family and friends (definitely).

Amber I suggested we go for a walk around town. We went down around the harbor and sat and talked in a nearby green space.

Ellice I was excited to continue the date. I felt romantic chemistry walking near the water and through the park. She seemed into me and it was refreshing. It was a great vibe.

Amber We kissed good night. We clicked and the moment was there. It was a nice way to end the evening.


Ellice Yes. We exchanged numbers and made plans to go hiking next week.

Amber We have plans to get together. Should be fun.


Ellice / A+

Amber / B

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