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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I came back from the bathroom ... and he was ordering his Uber’

Will his previously booked after-dinner plans tank this date?

Julio Suriel and Kristen Dermody.
Julio Suriel and Kristen Dermody.

JULIO SURIEL: 31 / Senior desktop engineer

Last thing he read: Harry Potter (better late than never)

His interests: He loves roller coasters and has been skydiving

KRISTEN DERMODY: 27 / server / nanny / online English teacher

Her interests: Travel, podcasts, tattoos

Her perfect date: Something adventurous, like one of those ax-throwing places



Julio I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary. I believe if you overprepare, the real you might get lost in the process.

Kristen I did what every girl does to get ready for a date: drank wine and listened to reggae music with my little brother.


Julio I arrived early but not by much. Then shortly after, this pretty, charming, and upbeat woman came and took the seat in front of me.

Kristen My dad drove me to the Green Line. I made it just on time.

Julio The first thing that caught my eye was her beautifully done tattoo and her smile.

Kristen He was nice and tall and had some nice scruff going on. I’m pretty tall and I like beards, so this was a plus for sure.


Julio We got the basics out of the way. Job, age, birthplace, then we talked about our travels to Colombia and all the places she’s visited.

Kristen We got the boring stuff out of the way, like what we did for work, etc. He does something with computers that I didn’t fully understand, and he was in the military as well. We realized we had just been in Colombia at the same time so chatted about that. We were bouncing from conversation to conversation.

Julio We talked about everything from our mutual love of Harry Potter to how we ended up getting in this date. Sometimes dates turn into more of an interview, but this felt like mutually enjoyable conversation.


Kristen We discovered we both aren’t looking for anything serious, which I think put us both at ease. He knew one of my tattoos was a Harry Potter symbol and asked me which house I would be in, so that gave him a gold star in my book. I love some good nerdy talk.

Julio I had two cocktails with a burger and fries. The food was good.

Kristen I got the charcuterie and a yummy mezcal cocktail. We also got a complimentary bit of champagne to start off, which was very nice of the restaurant. There was an amazing singer in the bar, so we talked about what kind of music we liked.


Julio Probably toward the end I did feel a little chemistry. I would have loved to have done something after, but I had to call it early since I had somewhere to be.

Kristen I was down to keep hanging out, why not? But then I came back from the bathroom and the check was paid and he was ordering his Uber home. We both admitted that it had been better than we thought it would be, but there was never any chemistry I don’t think.

Julio I called a cab and left, so nothing juicy to tell. We hugged it out and went our separate ways.

Kristen We exchanged numbers, a hug, and an obvious lie of yeah, maybe we should hang out again sometime. I walked next door to the pub for a beer. I didn’t get dressed up and take the T into the city for nothing.



Julio I wouldn’t be opposed to hanging out. She is an amazing person and I did have a lot of fun.

Kristen I really did enjoy meeting him, but I think it was a one-time deal.


Julio / A+

Kristen / B

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