Elected Socialists

Haverhill’s John Chase, the nation’s first elected Socialist mayor, exercised his ability to bring bold changes to his community, not incremental ones (Perspective, June 16). Hopefully it is still possible to achieve real progressive change for the nation. We must not teeter on the edge of pessimism, or it won’t happen.

Donald Green / Reading

Democratic presidential candidates want to promote a more equal economy, but that is labeled “socialism” by the opposition. How can one be a socialist while advocating ideas of the “father of capitalism,” Adam Smith? In his book The Wealth of Nations, Smith argued for an ethical market system, with a large role for government in public services, education, health care, and banking regulation. He also stated that “universal opulence” was possible “in a well-governed society.” In short, Democrats should advocate the ethical capitalism of Adam Smith.


John E. Hill / Quincy

Understanding Epilepsy

I’ve seen and learned the resilience, uncertainty, and limitations caused by epilepsy (Connections, June 16). I’ve been rewarded with the positive outlooks and actions of a person inflicted with it her whole life. I’ll never understand what causes seizures, and perhaps will never learn how epilepsy can be “cured,” but I like writer Hillary Mullan’s (and her father’s) analogy of a light switch going wrong.

Keith Russell / Winchester

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