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Dinner with Cupid

Blind date: ‘I told [the host] she would have to cause a distraction if things went poorly’

Will these two bibliophiles end up on the same page?

Chris Schenker and Anne Jastrzebski.
Chris Schenker and Anne Jastrzebski.

CHRIS SCHENKER: 22 / data analyst

On a desert island, he’d bring: A Kindle, scuba equipment, and a telescope

Last thing he read: American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer

ANNE JASTRZEBSKI: 23 / strategist at a tech startup

Last thing she read: American Catch, which explores the plight of declining American fisheries

Her perfect mate: Would look like any and every Kennedy, and do whatever makes him happy



Anne I signed up my roommate and his date went really well, so I wanted a crack myself. I put on a face mask during my last hour of work and downed a tequila shot on my way out the door.


Chris A friend who’s a longtime reader thought it would be funny if I was chosen.

Anne The host looked me up and down and said, “OH! YOU’RE the blind date!” I told her she would have to cause a distraction if things went poorly. Then I sat down and tried to make my back look pretty but nonchalant.

Chris Anne was already seated at the bar. (Side note: We sat at the bar all night, as that’s apparently where our reservation was. How does one make a reservation for bar seats?)

Anne He looked great. Very put together with a great smile.

Chris She looked very pretty. Tall, with long hair, dressed stylishly in black.


Anne We covered all the big topics: fish, what wine our moms drink, who would play us in a movie (Christoph Waltz is a bold but respectable choice). We had to very consciously stop talking for a few minutes so we could actually look at the menu.

Chris We spoke at length about travel but also our professional interests, books, movies, music, and food. Anne is incredibly well-traveled, so we were never at a loss for things to talk about.


Anne We’re both excited by the same things. We travel as much as possible and are constantly reading some obscure nonfiction book. If our love for this restaurant is any indication, we should both put the Eastern Mediterranean at the top of our bucket lists.

Chris She was a great conversationalist. I thought this is a pretty cool person when she described her solo travel through Latin America.

Anne We shared a bunch of small plates (fried eggplant, some dips and pita, halloumi, a play on patatas bravas) and wine.

Chris The crispy eggplant stood out as the best. The service was impeccable.

Anne He’s very attractive. And a few glasses of wine certainly didn’t hurt. We were having such a good time chatting we didn’t even get much time to flirt.

Chris I enjoyed every conversation we had, but there wasn’t a moment where I really felt a spark.


Anne After, he wanted to walk off the drinks, so we had a lovely stroll around the South End. Major rom-com vibes.

Chris Anne was pleasant company, so I was happy to continue.

Anne To say goodbye we just . . . said goodbye.

Chris We exchanged pleasantries and a quick hug before we parted ways.


Anne I would like to.

Chris We seem to be on the same page that we probably won’t share a romantic relationship. However, I could see us hanging out again as friends.



Anne / A

Chris / A-

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