Beam Me Away from “The Bachelorette”

A much more appropriate, educational, and enlightening show to watch with a daughter (Perspective: “What The Bachelorette Taught My 15-Year-Old Daughter,” July 28) would be Star Trek: Voyager with Captain Kathryn Janeway and chief engineer B’Elanna Torres . It is shown Tuesdays and Thursdays on BBC America.

Jeffrey Kevorkian


The whole show, including the fawning host, is a set up and a really bad example for anyone, let alone a teenager, to navigate the complexity of relationships, sexual and otherwise. Hannah Brown is hardly an example of what a strong woman should/could be. If Luke Parker is obnoxious, she is irritating.


Paul Ross


Elopement Etiquette

You should never have an expectation of gifts, even if you do have a wedding with guests (Miss Conduct, August 11). A gift is not the purpose of a wedding. I give birthday, baby, and housewarming gifts, often when there is no party, because I want to mark the occasion and show someone that I care and am happy for them. My friend eloped for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was her husband’s parents were in poor health. I was very happy for her and gave her a gift. One of her best friends told me she didn’t feel comfortable giving a gift due to the elopement. This made me sad, as my friend who eloped had been a bridesmaid in that person’s wedding and had helped pay for a bridal shower and a bridal shower gift, paid for a hotel room for the wedding, and given a wedding gift (she did this all gladly). There are many reasons that a couple might elope, and it may not mean that they do not care about friends and family. It seems petty not to send a card to celebrate their happiness.



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I’d argue that the eloping couple should receive an even bigger gift than if they had a traditional wedding. Not forcing me to give up a spring/summer/fall weekend while sitting at a table making boring small talk with strangers and begging my spouse to leave? Name your price!


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