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Dinner With Cupid

Blind date: ‘She ordered a Lord Hobo Boomsauce IPA — earning immediate respect’

Will this foodie and Australian transplant order a second round?

KRISTINA DEMICHELE: 29 / cooking magazine editor

Last thing she read: Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl

First thing people notice in her home: Her collage of affirmation cards taped to the door

PATRICK JOHNSON: 30 / consultant

Who plays him in the movie: Joffrey from Game of Thrones, but preferably a nicer version

First thing people notice in his home: He’s a neat and tidy minimalist



Kristina I brought my outfit to work so I could change. I went into the date with an open mind and heart.


Patrick As per usual, made myself late — I didn’t even have time to button up my shirt properly. The hostess escorted me to the table.

Kristina He dressed more casually than I did, but his outfit still gave me a good impression.

Patrick She was composed, had a nice smile, and seemed really genuine (maybe the Midwestern roots).


Kristina We asked each other where we were from (him Australia, me Ohio). We also talked about our careers and what our day-to-day is like. We discovered that we both grew up playing musical instruments. Patrick played the viola and oboe and I played the alto saxophone. We also talked about ways we stay active (we both like to cycle).

Patrick She’s an editor at a cooking magazine — I knew immediately, as a non-foodie simple Aussie, I was out of my depth. I did manage to catch her on a couple of food questions though, like, “What is Australian cuisine?” Trick question, we don’t really have one.

Kristina We talked about our philosophies on food and what we like and dislike.

Patrick She is passionate about improving the numbers of female restaurant owners, which was great to talk about, though of course I had no clue about the restaurants or names she was referencing.


Kristina We ordered a burrata and heirloom quinoa salad and fried chicken wings to start. Then I ordered a duck and noodle salad and he ordered the fish tacos. The food was excellent. I was very impressed! The noodle salad was also delish.

Patrick She ordered a Lord Hobo Boomsauce IPA — earning immediate respect for that choice.

Kristina It took a little while for the conversation to warm up, but once we started finding out our commonalities, we became more comfortable. He showed me pictures of his home where he grew up. It was beautiful, and I appreciated that he shared that with me. That’s when I decided that I’d be willing to see him again.

Patrick While the conversation was great, I sensed she’s looking for someone a little more mature.


Kristina Once we paid for dinner, we both agreed that it was time to head out. We exchanged numbers, which I felt was a win.

Patrick We hugged and said goodbye.

Kristina Patrick told me that he might move back to Australia permanently at the end of the year. If that’s the case, then this would have an expiration date, unfortunately.

Patrick I grabbed a Bluebike and rode off into the night.


Patrick Never say never, but I think we’re looking for different types of people.

Kristina There’s a definite possibility, especially since he texted me afterward. We’ll see.


Patrick / A-


Kristina / A-

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